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GFF Reaches Out Through Facebook

The Foundation’s Facebook page will provide constantly-updated information to organizations and individuals that can benefit from GFF programs and help connect those who wish to serve the Central Florida community


In February, the Glazer Family Foundation launched an engaging and informative new website designed to make it easier to connect with the community it serves.

As another step in that effort, GlazerFamilyFoundation.org now has a companion destination for those in search of information and a personal connection to the Foundation.  The Glazer Family Foundation is now on Facebook.

Launched on Tuesday, the Foundation's Facebook page is an important new part of its mission to reach out to the community in every way possible.  Since its formation in 1999, GFF has sought to build relationships with others in the Central Florida community who are committed to helping children and families in need.  Through Facebook, the Glazer Family Foundation hopes to make these connections more personal, to share in its friends triumphs and to better locate those who need help.

Social media has become an important part of community interaction, and a way for those of similar interest to combine their efforts.  For the Foundation, its Facebook page will be a fun stopping point for community-minded individuals and also a significant new way to advance its mission: to better the lives of children and families by establishing lasting, impactful programs throughout Florida communities.

The GFF Facebook page was created to coincide with the unveiling of the Foundation's new web site, which taps into a child's sense of wonder with its visuals but also provides easy-to-find information on specific programs.  The Foundation's programs are ever-evolving, which makes the Facebook companion a critical part of its online presence.  Visitors will find the most updated information regarding GFF events and opportunities to become involved on Facebook.

Those familiar with Facebook will know exactly what they're looking for on the GFF page, and they'll find it within a few simple clicks.  What's the latest on the Foundation's programs within the community?  Check out the Wall, where new features are added every time GFF touches young lives.  Here, visitors have a chance to interact with GFF, to share their comments on these events and provide ideas for future programs.

Want to see what it looks like when concerned citizens come together to help those in need?  Visit the various photo galleries, updated whenever a new event takes place.  Facebook is for sharing, and GFF wants to show off all of its friends.

Visitors to the GFF Facebook page will discover that information on the Foundation's various programs is easy to find.  Moving back and forth easily between Facebook and the new GFF site, interested citizens will be able to learn all they want to know about such initiatives as the Vision Program, Cheering You On! and the Grant Program.

Most importantly, Facebook is for staying completely up to date with those who matter to you, and those who seek a common goal.  If you share the Glazer Family Foundation's vision of improving the lives of children and families in need in our community, you can join its daily efforts through the GFF Facebook page.  It's the best way to stay connected.

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