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Jackson's Personality Helping Him Mesh

DeSean Jackson is the perfect compliment for Mike Evans, both on and off the field.

Over the course of his career, DeSean Jackson's prominence on the field has been well-documented. His high-end speed and big-play ability will undoubtedly help the Buccaneers' offense this season, but so will his laid back, easy-going personality.  

"We play a game that is so, so fierce and so competitive and a lot of people try to get tight," Jameis Winston said during the Buccaneers' first mini-camp practice. "DeSean, what he brings to the game is he brings a pleasant mindset to this team. He's laid back, he's going to do his job and he loves to make big plays and like Coach Koetter had said (in the past).

"When you see him on the field, you're just like, 'He's at ease,' because he's laid back. He's comfortable in his own body and that's how we all have to be, just comfortable with every situation, no matter the circumstance."

Jackson will be paired with Mike Evans, a Pro Bowler a year ago and No. 29 on the NFL's Top 100 list. The two seem to be perfect compliments for each other, both in terms of their play and in terms of their personalities. Evans wears his passion on his sleeves and is a bigger receiver while Jackson is a smaller, quicker player capable of springing the big play. WATCH: MINI-CAMP PRESS CONFERENCES

"I just really like to come in and just be myself, whatever that comes with. Sparking the offense on big plays and speed, whatever it is that is needed, that is what I'm here for. Obviously, they brought me in for a reason and I'm here for a reason. So, I just want to accommodate that and do the things of that nature to be in the right spot at the right time, especially when (Winston) drops back and is going through his progressions.

Photos from the Buccaneers' mini-camp practice on Wednesday.

"I'm going to do my best job to get open, beat my guy, beat my man and from there, do the best I can to score touchdowns, make big plays, whatever it is that I'm called here to do," Jackson said. "So, whether that be the experience or just being calm and collected and just knowing what to expect. I'm going on my tenth year this season, so I definitely know what it takes to play at a high level and I've been on some pretty good teams as well, too, that compete at a high level. So, translating that and hopefully bringing it here and rubbing off on some of these guys, so we can win some games."

Jackson was at the Buccaneers' OTAs, but did not attend every practice. He's expected to be at all three of the team's mini-camp practices this week as he, Evans and Winston continue to work on their chemistry before pads come on for training camp.

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