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Jameis Winston Grants Wish for Sick Child

Last Friday, tweets began to spread about a young cancer patient who wanted to FaceTime with Jameis Winston. Later that night, the Bucs' QB was on the phone.

Last Friday, Tweets started to roll in, one by one, about a seven-year-old terminal cancer patient who wanted to FaceTime with Jameis Winston. Less than three hours later, the Buccaneers quarterback had received the message and was on the phone.

"I was sitting at my house watching TV," Winston said. "People just started blowing me up and blowing me up texting me saying, 'Jameis, check your Twitter.' I'm not on my Twitter during the season so I checked this, checked that. I checked it and it was a little kid who had cancer. His mom was trying to get in contact with me and some lady had reached out to me and she sent me the information that I needed.

"I contacted (the child's mom) and she didn't have an iPhone and we just sat on the phone, pure silence, for about five minutes. I was like, 'Well, we've got to find an iPhone so I can FaceTime with him. Can I talk to him?' And she was like, 'No, you can't talk to him, his dad has an iPhone and he'll be right back.' So I'm waiting."

Winston was joined by a few of his teammates while he waited.

"Next thing I know I hear a knock on my door and Kwon Alexander is coming in my house," Winston said. "I was like, 'This is great, this is going to make this kid's day. I've got me, Kwon and we had Rannell Hall as well.' I was like, 'He's about to basically meet the whole Bucs team, he's about to feel like one of us.'"

After a few minutes on hold, Winston was finally able to talk to the young fan.

"Eventually I was like, 'Ask the nurse if she has an iPhone.' She ended up having an iPhone and I ended up talking to him. He's a huge Florida State fan. It's just some motivation. A kid is lying on his deathbed and all he wants to do is talk to me and just say hey. He didn't say much but I could just feel the room just light up and I know he was happy. That's all that mattered to me was that he was happy and he got what he wanted."

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