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Jeremiah Gives Bucs' Draft Class an "A-"

NFL Media's Daniel Jeremiah believes the Buccaneers have the best draft class in the NFC South.

The dust is settling on the 2016 NFL Draft and analysts who've spent the past several months churning out mock drafts have turned the page to draft grades. Last week, Buccaneers.com broke down a handful of media outlets that had graded the Bucs' draft, with most writers grading the team in the "B" to "B-" range. NFL Media's Daniel Jeremiah thinks Tampa Bay did a little better.

On NFL Network, Jeremiah gave the Buccaneers' draft class an "A-", which was his highest grade of any team in the NFC South.

A look at the Buccaneers' complete rookie class.

"I have to give them an A- for their draft," Jeremiah said, "and I like the trade for the kicker. This guy just doesn't miss and he's going to have a long, productive career. He's going to be playing long after guys picked in that round are out of the league. I thought it was a great job by Jason Licht and company."

Jeremiah isn't the only one to be very high on the Bucs' haul. ESPN's John Clayton agrees that the Buccaneers had a stellar draft, listing their class as the second-best in the league.

If Jeremiah and Clayton are right, this could be the second year in a row where the Buccaneers have one of the best draft classes in the league. A year ago, the Buccaneers landed four starters in the first four rounds, giving them the best draft class in the entire league, according to NFL.com. For more of Jeremiah's analysis, watch the video above.

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