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John Clayton on Winston: "He's Brilliant"

ESPN's John Clayton raved about Jameis Winston when he joined Bucs Training Camp Report Live on Thursday.

On Thursday, ESPN's John Clayton joined Buccaneers.com Senior Writer Scott Smith and Team Insider Casey Phillips on Bucs Training Camp Report Live, a show aired live on Buccaneers.com for 30 minutes during the start of each training camp practice. Among the topics Clayton discussed was the Bucs' rookie quarterback, Jameis Winston. Clayton raved about Winston, particularly his cognitive ability.

"The guys' brilliant," Clayton said. "He's got a photographic memory I presume because if he retains something in football, it stays there. What's the one story – he came in here, he picked up a whole bunch of plays and then all of a sudden they had him go to all of these different things for two hours and then he came back and did one hundred percent of the plays, one hundred percent accurate. This guy's amazing. But that's the book on him coming out of college. He was like that all through college.

Clayton continued, "The guy is absolutely brilliant. You think scheme-wise, Jon Gruden said it, anybody who's been around him has said it – he's absolutely amazing with what he's able to do."

Clayton spoke highly on Winston back in June, too, titling an excerpt of one of his articles, "Jameis Winston is the real deal for Tampa Bay Buccaneers."

On Saturday, Winston will take the field for his first game as a Buccaneer when the Bucs travel to Minnesota to take on the Vikings. Head Coach Lovie Smith said that he expects his starters to play a little more then a quarter. The game is scheduled for 8 p.m. EST on Saturday.

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