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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Johnson: Beware 0-11 Lions

In his continuing on-line diary, QB Brad Johnson relishes in the Bucs’ back-to-back road wins and looks ahead


QB Brad Johnson completed his first 14 passes in Cincinnati

*(Editor's note: The Bucs have won two road games in a row as they come home to face Detroit. Sounds like the playoffs aren't so far off after all. QB Brad Johnson knows this, and comments on it in his latest journal entry. As told to Dave Richard, *

Beating Cincinnati last week was a great win for us. It gives us back-to-back wins, which is something the Bucs haven't done since last December. We obviously have smiles on our faces for the first time in a while and we've put ourselves back in the playoff hunt.

It was really kind of strange to start the game 14 for 14. We were doing good things offensively. We had only two possessions in the first half, so we really didn't have too many opportunities to score. We missed two field goals to lose some momentum and we had a turnover at about the 20-yard line to take another score away. In the game, I felt very sharp as we worked to complete 79% of our passes. We need to make yards after the catch and make some big plays.

I think it's pretty awesome to win at St Louis, then win at Cincinnati. Only twelve percent of teams in the history of football have won again on the road the week after a Monday night win. Doing that is a pretty awesome feat. We lost to only Pittsburgh and Chicago at home this year. We have to bounce back and defend our home field.

Next week, we host Detroit. Eventually, the Lions will beat somebody. They're probably the best 0-11 team to ever play the game. They've had nine games come down to the final drive. For some reason, they haven't come through when they've had to. Regardless of their record, we want to play better football and give ourselves a chance to be in this playoff race.

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