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Johnson: Thankful for Win, Family

In his latest diary installment, QB Brad Johnson says he’s pleased that the Bucs didn’t panic when the Detroit game was on the line


QB Brad Johnson says the Bucs had two options on their last drive in Detroit, and giving it back to the Lions with time left was not one of them

(by Editor's note: Brad Johnson is back, talking Lions and turkey in this installment of his diary.)

There was a lot at stake (in Detroit in Week 9). We went into the final drive of the game with two options: One, to go down there and score with a field goal. Two, to not have to punt the ball or turn the ball over and give them the ball back (with time left). The crucial play on that drive was the third-down call to Keyshawn Johnson where he got his feet in bounds. We knew our season was at stake with one potential drive at the end of the game. We had to come away with a win, and we did. I think the biggest thing was not getting caught up into what could have been, but rather 'let's make the first-down throw and give ourselves a chance to score' and not panic.

If we had lost that game, we really would have been behind the eight ball. That would have put us at 3-5 with another division loss. With the win, we're one of the first teams to win a road division game. It was big from that standpoint. If we beat Chicago this week, we're only one game behind them, so that pressure will be back next week.

This is our first Thanksgiving as a family because of our six-month old son named Max. I'm really thankful for him being healthy and being in our lives. Thanksgiving has always been centered around my wife and myself, and now everything's geared for our son. I'm thankful for our health and thankful for our family.

We have second and third helpings on Thanksgiving. Of course we have turkey but we also have stuffing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy, pretty much the same thing as everyone else. I love the leftovers. At our Thanksgiving, everyone takes a turn to say what they're thankful for. We just kind of go around the table and say what you're thankful for. I think that's kind of neat.

It's a new stage of my life. I've always gone to my parents' house for thanksgiving and we've had friends come to our house, and now we have our own family. It's an awesome feeling and I just want to 'carry the torch.'

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