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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Many Winners

The season is off to a good start for several Buccaneer fans, who have excelled in a variety of contests on, including fantasy football and Fan of the Week


Home Team Challenge players weren't required to take the Bucs' defense, but those who did netted a touchdown on Ronde Barber's fumble return

You can really know football, really love football or just be really lucky.

Any one of those approaches can make you a winner on They certainly did for several die-hard fans this past week.

Eddie Gius was this week's victor in the Buccaneers Home Team Challenge, a league-wide fantasy football game in which Tampa Bay fans compete against each other and, collectively, against other teams around the league.

Little Lilliana Izor probably hasn't discovered fantasy football yet, but she certainly loves the Buccaneers. Izor is the early leader in the current voting for the ‘Fan of the Week.’

So, Red Storm rode its knowledge to victory and Lilliana's passion for the Bucs has her at the top. Who, then, used luck to walk away a winner this week?

Well, as it turns out, nobody just yet. In the first week of the 'Guess the Score' contest, we did not have a single entrant who correctly predicted the outcome of Tampa Bay's season opener against Washington. Of course, that means everybody wins, in a way. Because there was no Week One winner, the prize from that week will roll over and be added to the prize for the Week Two winner.

Here's a closer look at these three contests on and how you can become involved:

Home Team Challenge

This weekly fantasy football contest provides Buccaneer fans a chance to triumph in two ways. In addition to competing for individual rewards each week, all of the players who sign up through are part of Tampa Bay's team in the leaguewide competition. The combined scores of all Buccaneer fans each week are compared with the combined scores of all Green Bay Packer fans, and all Philadelphia Eagle fans, etc.

Thus, Home Team Challenge allows you to play for team pride and prove that Buccaneer supporters are the most knowledgeable fans in the league.

Of course, if team pride isn't enough to draw you in, there are valuable prizes at stake as well. The individual winner of each week's Challenge is awarded two tickets to the next Buccaneers Home Game *. Scores are also cumulative from week to week, and at the end of the season, an overall Buccaneer winner will be crowned.

That victor will take home two season tickets for the Buccaneers' 2005 campaign.

Home Team Challenge is both exciting and simple to play. Using a base of 300 units and a pool of players with differing values, you must come up with a lineup each week that consists of one quarterback, two running backs, two receivers, one tight end, one kicker and one defense. You set a new lineup each week, using values that are adjusted as the season progress, and you can never go over 300 units. also provides weekly prizes to overall Home Team Challenge winners, but only those who sign up through are eligible for Buc ticket prizes.

To sign up for the Home Team Challenge, please click here. You could be the next Eddie Gius.

( The winners of the Week 16 and Week 17 Challenges will receive Buccaneer merchandise rather than tickets, as there are no guaranteed home games after Week 16.)*


Fan of the Week

We know you're out there: The passionate, loyal, obsessed, engrossed, completely hooked fan. The lifer. Some of you are even a bit crazy, and we love you for it.

We've seen you at the stadium on game day, we've seen you at FanFest, we've even seen you at road games. Now we want to see you in our e-mail boxes.

All this season, will be picking its Fans of the Week, with your help. The submission form for Fan of the Week is always active (click here to check it out), and it's easy and fun to fill out. Just tell us, in 100 words or less, why you are the number-one Buccaneer fan, then attach a photo that supports your argument and hit submit.

We'll go through the submitted entries each week and select a group of them to post on the Fan of the Week voting page. Buccaneer fans will do the rest. Submit your vote for the best fan among the weekly nominees and the winner will be the Fan of the Week.

At the end of the season, the weekly Fan of the Week winners will be pitted against each other in one last vote. The winner will become known as the 2004 Fan of the Year and will receive a package of valuable Buccaneer merchandise.

So help us vote this week – Lilliana has some great competition! – and if you feel you qualify, nominate yourself for next week's voting.


Guess The Score

Well, it doesn't get much simpler than this one. That does not mean, however, that it's easy.

In 'Guess the Score,' we here at are asking you to…well, you know.

Each week, you can submit your guess for what the exact score of the Bucs' next game will be. That's Tampa Bay's exact score and the opponent's exact score. The only possible winning entry for this past week was Washington 16, Tampa Bay 10, and nobody nailed it. We'll take that as a positive; most of you probably had the score the other way around.

We will accept only the first submission from each e-mail address. Each week has one winner; if more than one person correctly guesses the score, the winner will be chosen at random. There is a different prize at stake each week; last week it was the brand new Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2004 Yearbook. This week, it is an autographed Buccaneers hat.

The best part: When a prize is not won in a given week, it rolls over to the next week and becomes part of that prize. Thus, if you were to guess the correct score this week, you would get a yearbook and and an autographed hat. Can't beat that!

Want to make a guess? Click here for the contest page. Each week, you'll find the Guess the Score contest inside the Matchup Section which usually is posted on Tuesday afternoon. We'll announce the weekly winners on the home page.


So if you're feeling lucky…or you've got a mind for the game…or you simply love the Buccaneers more than anyone you know, you can win here on

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