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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Marcus Mariota Holds Facebook Q&A

The quarterback prospect answered fan's questions on SportsCenter's Facebook page on Wednesday.


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On Wednesday, Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota signed a promotion deal with Subway restaurants. As part of the promotion, Mariota held a Q&A on SportsCenter's Facebook page.

He answered numerous questions, including ones about who he models his play after, his goals entering the NFL and which all-time great NFL wide receiver he'd like to throw a touchdown pass to.

Below are highlights from the Q&A session:Q: What separates you from other QBs?
Mariota: "I think the versatility, being able to throw within the pocket as well as make plays outside of it makes me unique."

Q: What is probably your favorite thing been about the draft process so far and why?
Mariota: "Traveling across the country and seeing things I hadn't been able to see has been probably the best part about it."


Q: What kind of things did you learn at Oregon and your home in Hawaii that you can translate to the NFL? Both mentally, physically or spiritual."**
Mariota: "Respecting authority and respecting what's asked of you. Holding yourself accountable. Making sure that every decision you make is not just for yourself but also the people that your represent."

Q: What is your biggest weakness? How do you overcome this to be the best player on the field?
Mariota: "Ball security is definitely my biggest weakness. In order to overcome that, I have to make a bad habit into a good one, making sure I have two hands on the ball and taking care of it at all times. Making sure I'm throwing it to my team and not the other one."

Q: Marcus, who are you looking forward to playing with or against the most in the NFL?
Mariota: "Manti Te'o, just because growing up in Hawai'i I could remember him getting recruited out of high school, so it'd be a fun opportunity to either play with or against him."

Q: If you could throw a TD to any past NFL WR who would it be?
Mariota: "Definitely Jerry Rice. Just because he's the greatest of all time and it'd be cool to throw one to him."


Photos from Oregon QB Marcus Mariota's private workout with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Eugene, Oregon.

Q: What is your biggest goal upon entering the NFL?**
Mariota: "My biggest goal is to make an impact, whether that be on or off the field. To go into this organization with the goal to be the best football player I could be and making a contribution to allow us to be successful."

Q: Who do you model your game after most?
Mariota: "I would hope that it'd be Aaron Rodgers to some extent. What he's able to inside the pocket as well as outside has made him a versatile player, and hard to defend."

Q: Do athletes enjoy the draft process as much as fans?
Mariota: "I feel like I have. I think it's a great opportunity to market yourself, and see places you've never been before and meet people who are highly respected within the game."

Q: Did you learn a lot from Gruden's QB boot camp?
A: "I did learn a lot. The TV portion of it only shows however long the segment is, and I really got an opportunity to sit down with Coach Gruden for like three hours. To learn so many different things from him was a great experience."


Q: What type of player do you want to be in the league?**
Mariota: "I would like to be a versatile player that makes his team the best team each week. I'd like to be an asset to whatever team picks me."

Q: Do you have any advice for High School / College athletes?
Mariota: "Dream big. Strive for the greatest. Once you find that goal, work hard at it and make the most of every opportunity."

Q: What is your favorite color Marcus?
Mariota: "Blue."

Q: How far can you throw a football and why?
Mariota: "I can throw a football probably 70 yards."

Q: Most memorable moment from college?
Mariota: "I would say winning the Pac-12 Championship last year was definitely the most memorable. The hard work the whole team put into last season and to see it rewarded was definitely a special moment for all of us."

Q: What made you wanna become a pro quarterback who inspired you?
Mariota: "I love the game ever since I can remember. It was a dream of mine to be an NFL quarterback. My family has definitely inspired me and make the most of my dreams. I'm looking forward to this one."

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