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Moore Visits Hospital

After the Bucs’ second Wednesday mini-camp practice, Head Coach Jon Gruden updated several injury situations, including Dave Moore’s staph infection…And other notes


Head Coach Jon Gruden, who kept busy providing coverage for receivers, was pleased with Wednesday's effort level

Dave Moore is an avid fisherman – to put it mildly – and Jon Gruden thinks that might have gotten Moore into a little trouble.

On Wednesday, Moore was admitted to a local hospital to receive treatment for a staph infection in one of his fingers, an ailment his head coach jokingly blamed on the tight end's favorite hobby.

"Whatever it is, it's a contagious thing, so they had to take him into the hospital and give him some antibiotics," said Gruden. "He's probably been catching too many tarpon. He caught some kind of fungus. He's going to be okay, he just had to go in and get that thing treated; it's awfully swollen. His status (for Thursday's practice) is questionable but he's going to be okay."

Fortunately, that represented the worst of the Bucs' new health problems on the second day of mini-camp, as there was no repeat of the season-ending injury suffered by wide receiver Sylvester Moore on Tuesday. The Bucs did send two more receivers into the training room on Wednesday afternoon, but neither Charles Lee nor Fabian Davis had a serious issue.

"They cramped up a little bit and didn't finish," said Gruden. "We expect them both back in the morning."

Gruden also hopes to see receiver Joe Jurevicius back on the field Thursday morning for the last of the mini-camp's five workouts. Jurevicius practiced on Tuesday morning but hasn't gotten in much field work since, thanks in part to a lower back strain suffered on Wednesday morning.

"He's going to be out here in the morning," said Gruden. "As I've said all along, Joe's like Groundhog Day. You just keep looking, keep waiting to see if the groundhog's coming out. He didn't come out much today. Hopefully he'll come out a little bit more tomorrow."

Second-year cornerback Torrie Cox, who missed his rookie season with a knee injury suffered during the preseason, has not participated in any of the mini-camp practices due to a small bout with tendonitis. He won't practice on Thursday, either, but that decision is mostly precautionary.

"He did participate in the first 11 or 12 OTAs [organized team activity days]," said Gruden. "He'll be full-speed ready to go in training camp, much like Mario Edwards."


More from Coach Gruden

Gruden said he was very happy with the morning and afternoon work during the middle day of mini-camp. Below are his thoughts on several camp topics:

On if he has developed a quarterback depth chart yet: "No, we don't have any depth charts to announce other than we're very pleased with our quarterbacks. Jason Garrett hasn't taken any snaps, but he's a great ambassador for these guys in the meeting room. I'm really impressed with Chris Simms, very impressed with his velocity, the location of his throws and his mobility, and his command is very good. Brian Griese, what he's doing three months onto the job is very exciting. I remember some of those throws from my old days of coaching. Brad's been solid and we feel very good about where we are at quarterback."

On how prepared the team will be for training camp: "Hopefully, they'll be prepared, as long as they continue to take advantage of the hot weather. I think that's the big thing. You've got to get yourself acclimated to the heat down here, but mentally, I think these guys are ready to go. They're ready to come down here and compete."

On the explosiveness that Joey Galloway and Charlie Garner provide the offense: "Well, we saw some of that this afternoon. I'm really excited to look at this tape. Galloway gets down the field in a hurry. He's finishing plays, he's having fun. Garner is what he is; he's one of the most productive backs in all of football in the last five years, rushing and receiving. He brings our team attitude and life and playmaking. I'm really happy to have those guys, and hopefully a few more G-Men emerge throughout the rest of this preseason."

On the offensive line: "I think Steussie's getting comfortable in the right-hand stance. He's going to give us some size. Kenyatta [Walker]'s had a good camp; his pass protection has been very good. We're happy with Derrick Deese, [Matt] Stinchcomb and [Matt] O'Dwyer. They've done a good job. I'm happy with what Kerry Jenkins has done – his versatility is his strength – and Jason Whittle has done some good things, also."

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