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Speedy Buccaneer receiver Jacquez Green burns through 30 minutes of fans’ questions


WR Jacquez Green would welcome more opportunities to make big plays

In each of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' first four games of the 2000 season, wide receiver Jacquez Green caught at least one pass of 30 or more yards. That streak ended in Washington last Sunday, but only by a yard or two.

That's the distance that a deep post pass to Green in the first quarter against the Redskins was overthrown. Green had beaten the Redskin coverage and likely would have scored had the pass been on target. Though the play failed, it still had to be an eye-opener for the Washington defenders.

Green, probably the fastest player on a fast Buccaneer team, can do that to a defensive back. Just give Green a go route, and he'll run it straight and fast. That's all the manner in which Green spent a half-hour chat session with Buccaneers.com users on Friday. Green delivered straight answers as the questions were fired at him fast and furious.

A full transcript of that chat session follows. Read on to get Green's comments on Shaun King, Warren Sapp, the Florida Gators and much more.

Buccaneers.com Chat Session with WR Jacquez Green, October 6, 2000

Jacquez Green: Hello everyone, I'm in the room now. Go ahead and send your questions.

jbbucs: What do we need to do to hit the long pass when you're open?

Jacquez Green: Need to work in it more in practice, so that it will be second nature during the game.

Pharaoh: Hello Jacquez, At the Vikes, do you think getting together the run or passing game is more important?

Jacquez Green: Against the Vikes, I think running the ball will be more important because the Vikes are lower ranked against the run. That way, when they start blocking the run, we can make opportunities to open up the passing game.

TRP: Jacquez...Is Shawn up for the task of hitting receivers down field this week?

Jacquez Green: Yeah, I think he's throwing the ball better in practice on the deep routes...and he's just better all-around this week in practice.

jbbucs: Can any of the Bucs corners keep up with you in practice?

Jacquez Green: Donnie Abraham has pretty good speed, he's one of the fastest defensive backs we've got.

TRP: What type of motivation has Dungy brought to practice this week to get everyone up for the game Monday night?

Jacquez Green: We're professionals, we know how to motivate ourselves. The desire not to go down another game keeps us motivated this week.

Pharaoh: Jacquez, Do you think Shaun is somewhat hesitant throwing into coverage?

Jacquez Green: No, not really. He's just going through his progressions and he throws the ball to the receiver he thinks it should be thrown to. It's tough being a quarterback in the NFL.

jbbucs: An article in The Sporting News this week said that your blocking has improved in 2000. Is that something you specifically worked on this offseason?

Jacquez Green: Yeah. Coach Steckel came in and stressed the importance of downfield blocking to help the running backs get longer gains.

William Bryant: What do you consider your greatest play since you've been in the NFL?

Jacquez Green: When I caught the slant on Monday Night Football my rookie year against Green Bay for a touchdown.

boutitboutit: Does Shaun have what it takes to take us to the Super Bowl?

Jacquez Green: Yeah, we think Shaun has what it takes. Just because a guy has one or two bad games, you can't count him out...all quarterbacks have bad games.

TRP: Do you like what you see in Charles Kirby?

Jacquez Green: He seems to be a regular lead blocker we haven't had. Since Karl is injured, Kirby should give us what we need.

William Bryant: Keep up the good work, you and Marcus are making everyone in Fort Valley proud.

Jacquez Green: Thanks.

JBagboy: Are you ever required to go across the middle and if so are you hesitant to do so against such big hitters in the NFL?

Jacquez Green: All receivers are hesitant to go over the middle in the NFL, but once the play is called, you just have to do it.

jbbucs: Are there any trick plays in the game plan this week?

Jacquez Green: No, we try to stay away from trick plays and just stick to fundamental football.

JBagboy: I was at the game in Washington and also got your autograph and picture after the game...just wanted to say thanks.

boutitboutit: I've enjoyed watching you since we meet at U of F... what part of your game do you think has improved the most?

Jacquez Green: Probably my overall knowledge of the game and what's going on in the field, how different teams try to defend you, etc.

jbbucs: You've had a lot fewer injuries since your rookie season. Is that improved conditioning or just better luck?

Jacquez Green: I just think it's better luck. I had a lot of freak injuries...I was never injured that much before I came to the league.

Pharaoh: Jacquez, What part of the Vikings do you feel poses the biggest threat on Monday Night?

Jacquez Green: Randy Moss and Cris Carter...great wide receivers.

boutitboutit: Is there a particular team you are worried about playing this season?

Jacquez Green: No, not really. We think if we come to the play the way we can play, then we can beat any team.

TRP: Has Johnson been fitting in well in the offense being his first year?

Jacquez Green: Yeah, I think he fits well with the offense.

JBagboy: Who is covering you during the Vikings game and can you burn him?

Jacquez Green: Yeah, I think I have a chance to get deep against Robert Tate and Cris Dishman.

Bucs2000SBChamps: Have Tony and Les been working with the O-Line on blocking better?

Jacquez Green: I guess, I don't really worry about that part of the team...I just do my job.

boutitboutit: How does the team get ready to go on the road and win a game?

Jacquez Green: Have to prepare the same way, but be more focused because of the crowd noise.

TRP: Has this season meant more to you so far being involved more in some of the big plays?

Jacquez Green: I guess you could say I enjoy it more, because I have more to do with the outcome of the ballgame.

jbbucs: Do you have a favorite route?

Jacquez Green: Not really, just try and run all my routes well.

Bucs2000SBChamps: Are you gonna watch the FSU/Miami game tomorrow?

Jacquez Green: Yes. FSU wins. Miami isn't ready to take the big step yet.

off the chain: Jacquez, do you feel that the ball is thrown to you as much as you would like?

Jacquez Green: No. I think I should have more than two or three opportunities a game being that I'm one of the better playmakers on the team.

JBagboy: How is Ronde's arm and will he play Monday?

Jacquez Green: I think he'll be fine. He's been getting treatment and should be ready to go Monday night.

Bucs2000SBChamps: Why did the Gators lose last week?

Jacquez Green: Poor defense... they need to fire the defensive coordinator!

TRP: Do you believe that the passing game will become more of the offense as the year goes by?

Jacquez Green: I hope so, but I really doubt it because the head coach and the offensive coordinators' philosophies are to run the ball and set up a short third down.

jbbucs: What's the key to beating press coverage at the line of scrimmage?

Jacquez Green: Quick feet and good use of your hands.

jon62388: Who do you think was your toughest opponent yet?

Jacquez Green: Probably the Redskins.

rfdes: Was curious how upset were you in the Jets game when you were denied the TD on the long pass?

Jacquez Green: I wasn't really that upset because I thought we still would score. But as the game was ending and the difference was only four points, I became more upset.

JBagboy: Does Warren Sapp and the defense get after you and the offense for not scoring more?

Jacquez Green: Warren Sapp is not my coach and he doesn't sign my paycheck.

TRP: With third and short philosophy, will Mike continue to be the go-to guy?

Jacquez Green: Yep. We've had lots of success with Mike. He's fumbled once, but he's still the guy to go to in those situations.

off the chain: Jacquez do the coaches plan on doing anything different in this game as far as offense?

Jacquez Green: Going back to running a lot of plays that we ran in Training Camp and the early part of the season.

Jacquez Green: Good bye. Thanks for joining us.

Pharaoh: Thanks Jacquez. Put a hurtin' on the Vikes for us.

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