Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Quotes: McDaniel, Bajakian, Smith

Quotes from Tuesday's training camp practice.


(Opening statement)
"Training camp is moving along. We continue to get into different situations. Today, closing out a game at the end, four minute (situation). On the offense, keep drives going. Of course, defense, find a way to get the ball back to the offense. We played in a lot of close games last year that came down to the end where we need to be able to make a play. Beyond that, good work – good physical contact out there. Guys know that we play an opponent fairly soon, but it's still about making the staff take notice."

(On two players having a heated exchange during practice)
"Not much to say about it. It's training camp. Not much more than 9-on-7 as far as I'm concerned."

(On separating intensity from danger)
"That's how it is every day in practice. We're intense. There is physical contact. It's a typical training camp day for us."

(On what defensive tackle Tony McDaniel brings to the Buccaneers)
"He has a big body. Three hundred fifteen-pound guy that can clog up the middle a little bit. Most nose guards we've played haven't had that type of height. That's a big wall in front of the quarterback. He's just not a nose tackle. We think he can give us some reps at the three-technique also. He's played in the league for a long time for good reason. He's a good football player we have added to our team."

(On the competition for the slot receiver position)
"Different guys have stepped up each day it seems like – just by making plays, being noticed, making the coaching staff give you more reps and a lot of the players have done that. (Wide receiver) Louis Murphy needed to come back. Of course, giving him some reps, getting back into the mix a little bit is good. As we talked a few days ago I guess, a lot of the younger players have taken advantage of the reps they've been getting. All you are doing right now is try and get yourself in position to play. We're not finishing plays out there and we're getting a little bit closer to letting the guys finish plays."

(On if it is good to have a smaller player in the slot when he has to tall receivers on the outside)
"We'd take a quicker guy. That goes with it. He can have height, whatever, but we are looking for guys with height, guys with quickness, guys that can catch the ball. Traditionally, yes it has been more quick players, so we'll see."

(On at what point the evaluation process becomes more critical in game situations)
"It starts the process, no more than that. The true evaluation happens when we play someone else. This preseason game kind of lets us know or confirms what we are thinking right now and each game from then on. Every practice you work hard in practice and make plays to get an opportunity to move up on the depth chart, to get more plays as much as anything. The preseason games are very important. Of course it will come down to how they will perform then at the end."

(On when the first depth chart will be released)
"As I said last year, OK we are going to release the depth chart, because we're supposed to release the depth chart. Don't put too much into it right now. As I'm saying now, once we start playing games and then we start getting a depth chart, then put a little more stock into it."

(On if William Gholston is considered a defensive tackle or defensive end)
"Both. If you are a tackle you need to play a couple of reps inside. Our defensive ends are going to play for the most part outside. If you are a true rush player, we have you here for that reason. The rest of the guys need to have some flexibility on where they play. But Will, for the most part, three-technique, maybe a little first down defensive end."

(On if there will be a point this week where the team watches film on the Vikings)
"Yes, we'll spend a couple of days on the Vikings. Tomorrow will be another traditional training camp practice for us. The next day, I guess Thursday, is when we'll switch over. So we'll go Thursday and Friday looking at Minnesota a little bit then. There is no true game planning going on in the preseason, per se. We realize that it's the first game coming up and we want the guys to know what they are doing so we can get a good evaluation of them that way."

(On if he expects to play most of his starters more than he did last preseason)
"That would mean I would have to tell you how long we're playing. I haven't told them yet. In time I will go over all that with you on how long we plan on playing our guys. Right now, again, it's Tampa Bay versus Tampa Bay right now."

(On if he gets a sense that his players are ready to play other teams)
"No doubt. It's the second week of training camp, right? Everywhere in the league it's that way. Guys work hard to get to that first game and we're getting a little bit closer, but at the same time our guys aren't taking days off. Hey, we know we have a game coming up later on. They are just showing up every day. Around here, you just look at what they have to do. You are ready to play. You are ready to practice. You go out there for five minutes. Boom, the horn goes off. You go inside. Come right back out, no warm-up and go right in to it. They are professionals about it."

(On if practicing in these conditions can be beneficial for the team)
"No doubt. We're preparing the team for the season. These things come up. The odds are we might have a game that's delayed. I know for a fact that we will have a game about this time of the day. All these things we're doing, of course, is to get them ready for the season."

(On tackles Kevin Pamphile and Donovan Smith splitting reps at left tackle)
"Those are the two guys that have gotten the first and second reps over there. Right now, you can say that competition is between those two guys over there. That's what I would look into. That's how I would see it right now. Once they start playing, they'll tell us who should get the first reps and who should be in the backup role."

(On if games are where you truly find out who should start on the offensive and defensive lines)
"In the offseason you can't tell anything, hardly, except for how they run around. Get to training camp, you can tell a lot more. There is offense, defense every day. Our blocking is live. We've been able to tell an awful lot, but still yes, we want to get into a game where the defensive ends can go and tackle the quarterback, on both sides. We're looking forward to that."

(On wide receiver Louis Murphy progressing)
"He got back out there today. He works hard. Louis wants to be the best he possibly can. That's in his DNA. He missed a lot of time. As a general rule, if you have a position you don't want to let other guys get comfortable in that position, so you need to get back on the field. He's back out there. He can fight them now."


(On how quarterback Jameis Winston is developing in blitz periods during practice)
"Good. Every day there's progress, and that's the goal, whether it's blitz period or 7-on-7 or any of the situations we put him in in the team period. But we want to see growth and he comes out here and he works every day. There's a lot of little things that he's improving on that might not be evident to people unless they're looking for those specifics."

(On Winston's ability to bounce back from bad plays)
"I think resiliency is important at this position – any position – and whether it's college or the NFL, you have to be able to bounce back after negative plays and mistakes. That is one of his strengths. He's got a short memory. We use the term snap-and-clear all the time. Every snap is an independent event. No snap, whether good or bad, determines the outcome of the next snap. So he does a good job of putting the previous snap behind him and moving on and just trying to gain momentum and build upon each play."

(On what would constitute a 'good game' for Winston's first NFL appearance)
"Whether it's a rookie or a veteran, I think we're looking for a quarterback that will manage the offense. (One) that's going to take care of the football, that's going to use good judgement and make plays when they are presented. Obviously, there are a limited number of opportunities in the course of a game to make a play and when that opportunity is presented we have to be able to take advantage and make that play."

(On the scuffle during practice)
"I saw competition in the heat of the moment between an offensive lineman and defensive lineman. That happens all the time. We're all brothers, same thing in that locker room. We all love one another."

(On if there is one particular area where Winston has shown growth)
"I can't say there's one particular; he's done a great job, whether it's his drop technique, his anticipation, his command presence in the huddle, his communication at the line of scrimmage. Like I said, there's been great progress in all those areas and if you're sitting in the stands watching, you might not be able to see that. You might not be able to see how he stands in the huddle and decisively calls a play and executes the checks at the line of scrimmage and all those things. So he's making great progress both mentally and physically and now, obviously, we just need to take that to the game."

(On Winston's development moving outside the pocket)
"He's done a good job. He got outside the pocket today and made a couple throws on the move. He's got the ability to do that and obviously finding receivers in the scramble drill and things like that is something we work on. I put them in a couple situations today where we worked on that."

(On Winston's willingness to work)
"He's hungry. He's hungry to come in and compete and do a good job. It's evident in his preparation on a daily basis. He comes into the meeting room extremely prepared, he comes out here onto the field with great focus. In the evaluation process, you could see that he was a football junkie and really into it and everything there has come to fruition."

(On the plan for Winston's playing time in the preseason opener)
"We're going to talk about it as a staff and finalize the plan there."

(On whether Winston's throwing motion had required work)
"You have to understand, he's really played two years of college football. There's a lot of development that occurs your junior year, your senior year. And he's coming in and by no means is he a finished product. Again, he knows what he needs to work on, whether it's his drop technique, his footwork, his release mechanics. And we come out here with a focus every day. One day it might be refining his drop to the left, another day it might be pushing the ball back to make sure he eliminates wasted motions, so there's definitely strides to be taken and he's made great strides and will continue to do so."

(On how important it is that teammates see the hours and work that Winston puts in)
"It's a testament to how hungry he is. He understands that there's so much that goes into being successful at this level, whether it's the mental part, the physical part, how you take care of your body, how you take care of your mind, how you eat, how you sleep, how you work out in weight room, how you work out here on the field. And he's focusing on all those areas and working hard to do well."

(On whether the first preseason game still provides a bit of a test, despite not being on the same stage as a regular-season game)
"It's his first NFL snap in a game situation, so he's excited. It's his first time in a Bucs game uniform, so there's definitely a level of intensity and, you know, the anxiousness that goes along with playing your first game at the NFL level, it's a dream that every boy has. He's excited for the game."

(On Offensive Coordinator Dirk Koetter and his offense)
"I'm extremely impressed with him in every manner. The scheme, I really think is quarterback-friendly. It's player-friendly in general. I think it's easy for all positions to learn, but at the same time there's an element of complexity that there's not necessarily predictability. His leadership qualities I really appreciate. He does a good job of managing the personalities in the offense and challenging guys, but at the same time patting them on the butt."

(On the opportunity to coach a first overall pick and potential franchise quarterback)
"It's exciting and obviously it's part of why I took the job. There was so much that (went) into coming here: the opportunity to work for Coach Smith, first and foremost, and then the opportunity to work for Coach Koetter. Working with the number one overall pick is definitely something that, as a position coach, you want to get your hands on him, you want to mold him and you want him to develop. Like I said, I'm happy that he's got the work ethic and the coachability that he's willing to listen and work hard toward that goal."


(On why he signed with the Buccaneers)
"I think to win ballgames it starts up front, a nice, aggressive defensive line. The defensive line is already pretty solid here and I think I bring some more toughness. I think with having me here we'll win a lot more ballgames."

(On if occupying blockers in the middle is a strength of his)
"No question. I'm about 6-7, 315 right now, so it's kind of my job to eat up blockers and set up my linebackers to run around and make plays."

(On if he could play end in base sets)
"Yes, sir. I consider myself as a hybrid. I think I can play some end, play three-technique and I can play some nose. I can do it all."

(On if he talked to Clinton McDonald about signing with the Bucs)
"Yes, sir. We kind of talked a little bit about how things are around here. He told me to be prepared for the heat. Clinton's a good dude and a close buddy."

(On lining up next to Gerald McCoy)
"Since he came in the league I've watched him often because I play some three-technique as well. I appreciate what he does at D-tackle and I'm excited about being on a team with one of the best D-linemen in the NFL."

(On if he is surprised to be released by Seattle)
"Yeah, I'm a little shocked. But things happen like that; they said they didn't have any cap space and they've got to move on."

(On if being released by Seattle is a motivating factor for him)
"Yeah, no question. You always have an edge when a team releases you. I just wish we played them so I could really show them."

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