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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Raymond James a Familiar Venue for Aguayo

Roberto Aguayo has a history of success at Raymond James Stadium.

Roberto Aguayo hasn't lined up for a kick yet in the NFL, but he already has plenty of experience playing on the Buccaneers' home field at Raymond James Stadium. Aguayo had been to Raymond James during his college career, but that, still, wasn't his first time on the Bucs' field. 

"Actually my first stadium to be in and actually kick in was Raymond James," Aguayo said during a press conference after the Bucs' first rookie mini-camp practice. "I won the 'Punt, Pass and Kick' [competition] for central Florida. Then we had the state playoffs in there and I kicked inside when I was 11 years old. Who would have thought?"

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Aguayo's Punt, Pass and Kick title came in the 11 and 12-year old division in 2005.

"I won first place," Aguayo said, laughing. "It was exciting. My middle school did a whole little article on me."

Aguayo's next kick in Raymond James will be a little bit different. He enters the 2016 season with high expectations after being selected in the second round of the draft, which was the highest a kicker has been taken in roughly a decade. Expectations are high, but he is prepared to handle the challenge.

"I think I've always dealt with pressure," Aguayo said. "Coming in at Florida State, the pressure was can I replace Dustin Hopkins? It's been on me throughout my whole career. I rise to the occasion. I love it. It motivates me and makes me work harder. I think there's pressure, but I live off of it, so it's exciting for me. It makes me get up and work hard every day."

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