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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Robinson Gets Special Guest

Bucs LB Ryan Nece visited Robinson High School this week as part of the league’s “NFL High School Tuesday” program and delivered a wide-ranging dose of advice


LB Ryan Nece told the Robinson High student-athletes to play the game for each other

Tampa Bay Buccaneers LB Ryan Nece addressed the Robinson High School football team on Tuesday. His messages were many, touching on everything from game tips to academics to making informed personal decisions.

Nece visited the school as part of "NFL High School Tuesday," a day in which players from all 32 NFL teams travel to local high schools to speak with students about the importance of academics and working hard to achieve your goals. The Robinson football team participates in the local "Play It Smart" program, a high school and community-based program developed by the National Football Foundation. Play It Smart seeks to use the sports experience as a vehicle to help prepare youth for constructive futures.

Nece encouraged the Robinson players, from freshmen all the way up to seniors, to play for each other instead of themselves. Only a team who plays for one another, Nece warned, can be truly successful.

Also served up that Tuesday was a dose of reality. Football doesn't last forever, Nece reminded the students, so it is important to make decisions now that will positively impact the future. Nece encouraged the Robinson student-athletes to take classes that will challenge them and to take the SAT, which will help them gain admission to college.

Football and life really aren't that different, Nece pointed out. Both require a strategy, good decision-making and lots of heart if you're going to get where you want to be.

"You've got to play with this," Nece said as he tapped his hand on his chest. "If you play with this, you are destined to be a great player and a successful person."

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