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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ronde Barber: Inside Scoop

The Bucs’ big-play cornerback answers a series of questions on such topics as the future of his brother, Tiki, his best game and the notion of switching positions with Tiki


The Bucs' toughest opponent in Ronde Barber's mind: Those Carolina Panthers

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Buccaneers cornerback Ronde Barber is coming off one of his best games ever with two interceptions returned for touchdowns in Tampa Bay's thrilling 23-21 win. But he isn't the only one in the family making headlines right now. With the Bucs heading to New York to face Tiki 's Giants Sunday, Barber took time out to answers questions about himself, his brother and life in the NFL.

With your brother, Tiki, announcing his retirement and you having two interceptions for touchdowns, who's the bigger story right now?

I'd like to think that scoring twice in a game on defense would bring about some attention, but the media mayhem surrounding my brother is definitely more of a story right now. Second fiddle again!

Best and worst thing(s) about living in Tampa?

Best thing without a doubt is the weather (except when it's 90 degrees in October). The worst is being in a middle-of-the-road-sized media market. I want some of that Tiki love!

Who has the nicer cars?

Without question me. As our manager, Mark Lepselter, said last week when he was here, "RB, the fleet is impressive!"

Growing up, who did better with the ladies?

Again, that would be me. But I'm facing the ultimate retribution now with my two girls.

Who would be more successful if you guys switched positions and Tiki had to play cornerback and you had to play running back?

Tough one. Cornerback is definitely a more skillful position, but running backs take a pounding. Let's just be glad we don't have to really consider it because I'd hate to take a hit and I know Tiki can't backpedal.

Once Tiki retires, will he be allowed or encouraged to attend your games and offer you coaching advice?

No coaching advice, but I'd love to have him whenever he can peel away from whatever will be taking up his time next year.

Best gift you ever got from your brother?

Let's see ... we don't give each other gifts very often, but he did give me a very nice Panerai watch a couple of Christmas' ago.

Worst gift you ever got from your brother?

A New York City snow globe. And although I hate to throw her under the bus, I know it was from his wife!

Best game of your career?

I've had a couple three-pick games against New Orleans, and obviously the game this past weekend with two interceptions for touchdowns, but I (and all Bucs fans would agree) think the 2002 NFC Championship Game was my best!

Toughest opponent?

Individually and team-wise it is Steve Smith and the Carolina Panthers. He is very, very good! And they just find ways to beat us!

If you had never played in the NFL, what would you be doing now?

I really have no idea. My degree from the McIntire School of Commerce at UVa would have placed me somewhere though!

Who has the better business sense?

I would gander that it is Tiki. He's had way more exposure to some interesting ventures.

What do you think Tiki will do after his football career is over?

Before running for some political office, Tiki will be a superstar on television. Although, that's not a fair question, because we all know that already.

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