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Social Rewind: Buccaneers vs. Bills

The Buccaneers will leave Buffalo with their first preseason victory, with the starters putting on a dominant performance on both sides of the ball. Here’s how the game went down on social media, with a big emphasis on that stellar first half

Prior to kickoff, both teams updated their followers with respective injury updates. From the Bills, rookie WR Sammy Watkins and DT Kyle Williams would miss, among others. Buccaneers.com's Scott Smith notes the Bucs injuries.

Won't play in #TBvsBUF: 14 WR Watkins, 30 CB Butler, 36 S Meeks, 39 CB Felder, 74 G Williams, 82 TE Moeaki, 90 DT Branch, 95 DT Williams. — Buffalo Bills (@buffalobills) August 23, 2014

These six Bucs will definitely not play today: Mike Jenkins, Mike James, Charles Sims, Danny Gorrer, Da'Quan Bowers & William Gholston. — Scott Smith (@ScottSBucs) August 23, 2014

And we're underway.

Football is on TV — NFL: AroundTheLeague (@NFL_ATL) August 23, 2014

Thanks for that NFL: Around the League. The Bills received the opening kickoff and managed a first down before the Buccaneers created the day's first turnover, as announced by ESPN and Jenna Laine.

First series for the #Bills and EJ Manuel throws a pick. Buccaneers DaShon Goldson with the interception. #TBvsBUF — NFL on ESPN (@ESPNNFL) August 23, 2014

Dashon Goldson (@thehawk38) picking off E.J. Manuel less than 2 minutes into the game. #TBvsBUF — JennaLaineBucs (@JennaLaineBucs) August 23, 2014

The Buccaneers first chance on offense would end with a three-and-out and the starting defense took the field again. In the first quarter of the first two games, the Bucs starters held opponents to just seven rushing yards on 11 runs with only three offensive points. Gerald McCoy (@geraldini93) and company would continue that dominance with a quick three-and-out. Here are some notes from Bucs' Twitter reporters.

Nice play by McDonald — Stephen White (@sgw94) August 23, 2014

Solid defense thus far. — JoeBucsFan (@JoeBucsFan) August 23, 2014

Tampa 2 at its finest. Check down and now Bills will punt. — Rick Brown (@LedgeronBucs) August 23, 2014

McCoy is insane. Their best game so far. RT @BuffRumblings How good is this DL, @BucsNation? They're always in the backfield. — Sander Philipse (@Bucs_Nation) August 23, 2014

Again, the Bucs offense would leave the field disappointed, this time with an interception. Scott Smith calls it.

Each team now has an interception that seemed to largely be the result of a tight end slipping. — Scott Smith (@ScottSBucs) August 23, 2014

But Tampa Bay would get it right back after the second Bucs' forced turnover of the game. More analysis from the Bucs and company.

TAKEAWAY ALERT! @MasonFoster picks up the Bills fumble and it's #Bucs ball! #TBvsBUF — Tampa Bay Buccaneers (@TBBuccaneers) August 23, 2014

David drilled him! Fumble recovery Foster. Buc Ball! — JoeBucsFan (@JoeBucsFan) August 23, 2014

Either this @TBBuccaneers is absolutely incredible, or they just really hate the field at Ralph Wilson and want desperately to not be on it. — Captain Fear (@THECaptainFear) August 23, 2014

Starting in Buffalo territory at the 39, the Bucs offense would finally string together some positive plays, with Doug Martin (@DougMartin22) placing the exclamation point. Here's Pewter Report and Tampa Bay Times' Greg Auman with how they saw the drive.

Nice run by Martin on first down between the tackles. — PewterReport.com (@PewterReport) August 23, 2014

Touchdown Bucs -- Josh McCown hits Doug Martin across middle for 22-yard touchdown on third down ... — Greg Auman (@gregauman) August 23, 2014

The score would go under review.

After review, Martin ruled down inside the 1 yard line. 1st & goal for the #Bucs — Tom Krasniqi (@TKras) August 23, 2014

But, just one play later, we go back to Tom Krasniqi again, this time with some good news.

Let's try the again....Martin goes over the top for a 1 yard TD! #Bucs — Tom Krasniqi (@TKras) August 23, 2014

UPDATE: No TD for Doug Martin on the pass play. Down at the 1 yard line. Next play: Martin in for the 1 yd TD. TB 7 BUF 0 — NFL on ESPN (@ESPNNFL) August 23, 2014

It was more of the same when the defense took the field. TBO.com's Roy Cummings and Bucs Nation talk the most recent three-and-out.

Clinton McDonald with a big QB hit on Manuel to force a bad throw on that third-and-10 — Roy Cummings (@RCummingsTBO) August 23, 2014

Bills have already had four offensive drives and we're only 10 minutes into Q1. — Sander Philipse (@Bucs_Nation) August 23, 2014

The offense would take over again. Ultimately, the Bucs would be forced to punt, but not before Doug Martin put up even more notable highlights.

Doug Martin running hard today...he gets 5 yards off the left side. Then gets 6 more for a 1st down. He looks good #Bucs — WDAE 620 AM/95.3 FM (@620wdae) August 23, 2014

Doug Martin running well -- gains of 5 and 6 for first down. He's at 23 yards on six carries, with 21-yard catch ... — Greg Auman (@gregauman) August 23, 2014

Doug Martin is ready. — JoeBucsFan (@JoeBucsFan) August 23, 2014

After taking the punt, the Bills offense would get rolling for the first time of the afternoon.

Barron with a textbook open field tackle on Spiller...not before he gained 18 #Bucs — Tom Krasniqi (@TKras) August 23, 2014

Bills get 18 yards on Spiller run, another 20 on Mike Williams' catch, so they're out to their 45 ... — Greg Auman (@gregauman) August 23, 2014

Again, however, the drive would stall, thanks to another great string of Bucs defensive plays and a series of Bills penalties. Twitter, would you mind telling me what was the down-and-distance is?

Bills facing a third-and-40 after another penalty and loss of down ... — Greg Auman (@gregauman) August 23, 2014

3rd and 40. — Pat Yasinskas (@PatYazESPN) August 23, 2014

Third and 40. Just saying. — Captain Fear (@THECaptainFear) August 23, 2014

It's now 3rd and 40 for the Bills! — PewterReport.com (@PewterReport) August 23, 2014

Um, third and 40 for the Bills. — Rick Brown (@LedgeronBucs) August 23, 2014

Bills complete a pass -- but for less than 40 yards -- so it's a punt coming. — Greg Auman (@gregauman) August 23, 2014

Thanks, everyone. Tampa Bay would get it back at their 48-yard line, and put together another solid scoring drive led by Josh McCown (@JoshMcCown12). The Connor Barth (@contbarth) FG would make it 10-0.

Bucs offense on the move. Short catches by Jackson and Evans — PewterReport.com (@PewterReport) August 23, 2014

Josh McCown executes a play-action, turns around and sees nothing but green in front of him, so he simply gallops for 19 yards. — Scott Smith (@ScottSBucs) August 23, 2014

#Bucs 10, Bills 0 @contbarth hits the 43-yard FG DRIVE: 8 plays, 27 yards in 4:05 9:58 to play in the 2nd Quarter #TBvsBUF — Tampa Bay Buccaneers (@TBBuccaneers) August 23, 2014

Same story, different drive. The Buccaneers starting defense was again lights out, with the third turnover of the game featuring Adrian Clayborn (@AJaClay) and Clinton McDonald. Here's how social saw it.

Adrian Clayborn with a sack, forces fumble, Clinton McDonald recovers for TD for Bucs ... — Greg Auman (@gregauman) August 23, 2014

Clayborn has been all over the place. — Leo (@LeoHowell8) August 23, 2014

Takeaways have now led to 14 of the Bucs' 17 points so far, including 7 points that were scored directly by the defense. THAT is the plan. — Scott Smith (@ScottSBucs) August 23, 2014

Swarm & punish! #Bucs — Warren Sapp (@WarrenSapp) August 23, 2014

A kickoff later and another three-and-out for the Bills offense with another new name making big plays on defense.

Larry English, the former 1st-round SD pick recently signed by the Bucs, has a real shot to make the team. He just got his first Buc sack. — Scott Smith (@ScottSBucs) August 23, 2014

The Bucs took over this time from their own 18-yard line and converted on two straight third-down tries with catches by Vincent Jackson (@VincentTJackson).

Another third-down conversion from McCown to Jackson -- those two have done that three times in first half today. First and 10 at Bills 41. — Greg Auman (@gregauman) August 23, 2014

With the clock under two minutes, the Bucs would add seven more points. We go to ESPN, NFL Network and WFLA for the score:

TOUCHDOWN BUCCANEERS!! Beauty of a pass from Josh McCown 26 yards to rookie WR Mike Evans for the score. TB 24 BUF 0 #TBvsBUF — NFL on ESPN (@ESPNNFL) August 23, 2014

Mike Evans. Smooth. @TBBuccaneers 24, @buffalobills 0 #TBvsBUF — NFL Network (@nflnetwork) August 23, 2014

Touchdown Bucs! Rookie WR Mike Evans brings in a 26 yard pass from Josh McCown! Bucs lead 24-0 with 1:05 in the half. pic.twitter.com/dpbMp5ar9r — WFLA NEWS (@WFLA) August 23, 2014

Another successful showing from the first team defense, and some fireworks from the starting offense in the third preseason game. Some halftime numbers:

HALFTIME #Bucs lead the Bills, 24-0 Join us in the LIVE CHAT: http://t.co/O3uj8xEvgl #TBvsBUF pic.twitter.com/7EB9VXkI3k — Tampa Bay Buccaneers (@TBBuccaneers) August 23, 2014

1st half stats for #Bucs: McCown- 13 of 16 112 yards, TD, INT Martin: 12 carries 38 yards, TD Mike Evans: 3 rec. 44 yards TD VJax: 5-43 — WDAE 620 AM/95.3 FM (@620wdae) August 23, 2014

The Bucs would get ball first in second half, with Mike Glennon (@Mike_Glennon) under center. The drive featured a couple nice plays for Bucs newcomers, but ultimately Tampa Bay was forced to punt.

Glennon in at QB — Rick Brown (@LedgeronBucs) August 23, 2014

Starters in at every other position it appears. Receivers are different. Louis Murphy in now. — Rick Brown (@LedgeronBucs) August 23, 2014

Glennon, too, sharp on third down -- conversion on 13-yard pass to Louis Murphy ... — Greg Auman (@gregauman) August 23, 2014

Austin Seferian-Jenkins showing off his big-man athleticism, hurdling over a low tackler to complete an 11-yard reception. — Scott Smith (@ScottSBucs) August 23, 2014

We turn it back over to TBT's Greg Auman to call the defensive replacement and a solid goal-line showing from the Bucs backups.

Bucs open second half with basically No. 2 defense on field -- Banks is only starter still out there ... — Greg Auman (@gregauman) August 23, 2014

Bills moving the ball well vs. Bucs' No. 2 defense. Gains of 21, 9, 9, 7 and 23 yards, now at Bucs' 21 ... — Greg Auman (@gregauman) August 23, 2014

Former first-round pick Larry English with his second sack of the game for Bucs ... — Greg Auman (@gregauman) August 23, 2014

Manuel forced out of bounds for 7-yard loss, officially a sack for Steven Means, playing in his hometown of Buffalo ... — Greg Auman (@gregauman) August 23, 2014

The drive would end with the first Bills score of the night, cutting the lead to 17.

Manuel leads a touchdown drive against Bucs' 2nd unit D. Mike Williams with a 14-yard TD catch against his former team — NFL: AroundTheLeague (@NFL_ATL) August 23, 2014

After a quick Bucs three-and-out, the Bills first-team offense again drove and scored against the Buccaneers second-stringers. The Bucs still held the lead, 24-14.

8-yard touchdown run by Fred Jackson makes it a 24-14 game. 2:39 remaining the third quarter. #TBvsBUF — JennaLaineBucs (@JennaLaineBucs) August 23, 2014

Buffalo with two quick TD drives against #Bucs second and in some cases third team D — PewterReport.com (@PewterReport) August 23, 2014

With the Bills back on the field, the replacements came into the game, with Dennis Dixon spelling EJ Manuel. The Buccaneers would force a fumble, but the call was overruled. The Tampa Bay offense would later take over after turnover on downs from the Bills' 40-yard line.

The #Bucs force a turnover-on-downs as Dixon fumbles the snap on 4th and short. #Bucs ball! #TBvsBUF — Tampa Bay Buccaneers (@TBBuccaneers) August 23, 2014

This time, the Mike Glennon-led offense efficiently moved the ball against Bills' backup defense with some highlights and the score:

Nice throw from Glennon to Owusu for a first down. — Rick Brown (@LedgeronBucs) August 23, 2014

Jeff Demps running the ball well on this drive. Bucs have driven to the Bills' 26 ... — Greg Auman (@gregauman) August 23, 2014

#Bucs 27, #Bills 14 Murray hits a 27 yard FG DRIVE: 13 plays, 51 yards in 7:55 4:49 to play in the game #TBvsBUF — Tampa Bay Buccaneers (@TBBuccaneers) August 23, 2014

The teams would trade possessions to end the fourth quarter and the final whistle blew with the Bucs notching their first victory of the preseason. We'll see you again on Thursday at 7:30 PM from Raymond James Stadium as your @TBBuccaneers take on the Washington Redskins.

FINAL: @TBBuccaneers 27 @BuffaloBills 14 -Josh McCown 13/16, 112 yds, TD, INT -EJ Manuel 19/28, 198 yds, TD, INT pic.twitter.com/oZvE27yNBs — NFL on ESPN (@ESPNNFL) August 23, 2014

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