Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Social Rewind: Buccaneers vs. Giants

The 4-4 New York Giants visited Tampa to take on the Bucs. It was a close one, but the Giants kept the lead for most of the game and the Bucs couldn’t catch up.

Here's how the game played out on social media: Check out some fun things from before the game.

You can't start a game any better than the Bucs did

Defense back out after the interception. Bucs able to force a field goal after Chris Conte stopped a potential TD.

Bucs get a huge play from Mike Evans!! Bucs go up 6-3.

Giants drive down and score. Giants up 10-6.

End of 1st.

After a Bucs fumble, the Bucs D unable to get a stop and Giants score another touchdown.

Jameis Winston and company try to get something going.

A missed field goal gave the Giants the ball back with just under 6 minutes left in the quarter.

Bucs offense striking while the iron is hot.

To the second half we go.

Bucs offense needing a score…

Bucs down just 8 now, but definitely need a defensive stop to keep this thing going.

Bucs offense was forced to punt, oddly the first punt of the day, after a couple of drops from Mike Evans.

But the Bucs defense returned the favor and forced the Giants first punt.

Bucs defense forced a field goal. Bucs still in it! Giants 23 Bucs 18. Bucs down five with 7 minutes left.

A Bucs touchdown could win it, maybe.

Bucs D holds 'em to a field goal.

The Bucs will have about 0:20 on the clock needing a touchdown and two-point conversion to tie… Doesn't work.

Bucs fall, face the Cowboys next week at home.

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