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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Social Rewind: Bucs vs. Redskins

Studded by huge plays from Mike Evans, Josh McCown and the entire defense, the Bucs come back to Tampa Bay with a W. Here’s how Twitter saw the contest.

Before kickoff, the teams handed out their inactive reports. Bucs fans learned they would be without two of their stars for the second week in a row.

The Redskins would get the ball first, but it would be the Buccaneers to have the first big play of the game on the very first play.

OH MY! #Bucs ball. Interception first play. — Rick Brown (@LedgeronBucs) November 16, 2014

The Buccaneers offense took over with just 29 yards to go. They converted on their first third-down attempt and would end their drive with the first points of the day.

The Redskins offense would stay on the field a bit longer on their second drive, but be forced to punt after another strong stand by the Buccaneers defense. More bad news on the play for Washington fans.

Bad pass on third down and #Skins to punt. Worse for them, LT Trent Williams is down. Yikes. #Bucs — Rick Brown (@LedgeronBucs) November 16, 2014

#Bucs will start at own 20 after punt went into the end zone. — Rick Brown (@LedgeronBucs) November 16, 2014

The Bucs started putting together another drive thanks to some big plays from rookie RB Charles Sims in his second game of the season.

The possession would end in the first Bucs punt of the day, but Michael Koenen pinned the Redskins deep, starting their third drive from the four-yard line. On the ensuing third down, the defense would come up with another big play.

The Redskins would start another drive, this time from their 12-yard line. Strong runs from Alfred Morris and Robert Griffin III moved the ball past midfield, but Washington would punt after a big sack from Clinton McDonald.

The muffed punt set up Washington with great field position at their own 17-yard line. The Buccaneers defense again puts their stamp on the game, forcing a field goal attempt after a series of great plays.

The Bucs took over at their 37-yard line and kick off the possession with a big connection.

The drive would end with three more Buccaneers points.

Next Redskins drive, same Buccaneers defensive story with another Washington turnover.

The Buccaneers would punt it back to Washington with just over a minutes remaining in the first half.

A knee would take the game into halftime, Bucs up 13-7. Bucs ball to start the second half.

The Buccaneers would be forced to punt on their first possession and the Redskins offense would threaten their second score of the day.

The Bucs defense stopped the drive and a big sack would push the Redskins back into another long field goal attempt.

Starting at the 40-yard line, the Bucs didn't take long to get things going again. McCown found Brandon Myers for 21 yards and two plays later would hook up with Mike Evans for seven more Buccaneers points.

Got em. Mike Evans again. Bucs TD. #Bucs — Rick Brown (@LedgeronBucs) November 16, 2014

The Bucs defense did their thing again, putting the offense back on the field to go back to work.

And then…

Getting jealous of the offense's Twitter attention, the Bucs defense instantly got back to work themselves, adding to their impressive stat line with two sacks before forcing another Redskins punt.

The Bucs offense would run the ball, killing nearly six minutes before punting it down to the five-yard line where Washington would take over with just 3:45 left. The Redskins would turn the ball over on downs. The Bucs would take a knee.

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