Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Statement: Jason Licht on Jon Robinson

Buccaneers GM Jason Licht on former Director of Player Personnel Jon Robinson.


"I first met Jon while I was a scout with the New England Patriots and he was a young position coach at Nicholls State University. After spending a day with him, I knew that he had a bright future in this business because he possessed the type of personnel and talent evaluation skills that NFL teams highly covet. A couple of seasons later, he was working with us at the Patriots and it became very clear that he would one day rise up the ranks to run his own team. During our 14 years together, Jon has been a valued co-worker and trusted advisor, but more importantly, a great friend.  He was the first person I attempted to hire when I was named general manager of the Buccaneers and I was fortunate to have him by my side these past two years. Based on all that I know about Jon, I am certain he will enjoy great success with the Tennessee Titans. They could not have hired a better person to lead their football operations."

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