Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Stecker Stacks Up

Bucs RB Aaron Stecker hopes to follow the career trajectory of Chicago wideout Marcus Robinson


RB Aaron Stecker excelled on both special teams and in the backfield this preseason

*By Andrew Mason, NFL.com *

Two years ago, wide receiver Marcus Robinson earned NFL Europe League MVP honors, and by 1999, he became one of the leading wideouts in the NFC.

The future looks just as bright for this year's MVP, the Scottish Claymores' Aaron Stecker, who survived the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' final cutdown on Sunday.

Stecker started his preseason on the right foot by running nearly the length of the field to bring down Washington Redskins linebacker Eddie Mason, turning what would have been a 90-yard touchdown on an interception return into a mere 77-yard return that yielded merely a field goal, helping the Bucs to a 13-12 win.

He continued to make plays from there, ending the preseason with a three-yard touchdown run in a 37-14 win over the Kansas City Chiefs, his third score of the preseason. He also blossomed into one of the Bucs' best cover men, using the acceleration displayed while catching passes out of the backfield with the Claymores on special teams.

"I have to make plays," Stecker said. "I have to take advantage of every opportunity, whether it's chasing a guy and making a tackle, returning kickoffs, playing special teams or running the ball."

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