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Contest results: The Bucs’ 35-3 score on Sunday was beautiful, but not exactly a slam dunk for Guess the Score participants…Plus updates on Home Team Challenge and Fan of the Week


The Bucs' swarming defense would have been a very good play last week in the Home Team Challenge

Oh ye of little faith!

Nobody, not one person, nadie picked the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to beat the San Francisco 49ers by a score of 35-3 in last week's Guess the Score contest.

That's just not right.

Sure, you only get one guess per e-mail address, and even the optimists among you probably felt better about 21-0 or 28-10, but still, there wasn't anybody who saw 35-3 coming? You've got to admit, that's a really nice score, even if it isn't that common. On the other hand, there is this: That was the first Buccaneer game ever to end in that particular score.

So we'll give you a pass, and pass the prize for last week's contest on to this week's competition. Those are the rules of Guess the Score after all. Any prize not won in a particular week is added to the next game's bounty.

And what a bounty this one is shaping up to be. Since no one has won the Guess the Score contest in the last five weeks, this week's guessing game will be played for a half-dozen rewards. New on the prize table this week:

A copy of World Champions, the commemorative Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl Book that retailed for $50. The last time we offered that prize up was also the last time anybody won this thing, so we're hoping for a little good luck to break the streak of bad guessing. So here is the entire windfall up for grabs this week in Guess the Score:

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