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Takeaways from Hard Knocks, Episode 3

A few takeaways from the third episode of Hard Knocks.


  1. Doug Martin was a focal point.**
    Martin didn't appear on the first two episodes of Hard Knocks but was one of the featured players on the third episode. Hard Knocks opened with a scene of Martin at his home riding an electric skateboard and re-visited his position with the team throughout the episode. Martin will begin this season serving a suspension but will return for Tampa Bay's Week 4 matchup with the Giants.

2. Hype is building for Jameis Winston.   
Jon Gruden, who will be inducted into the Buccaneers' Ring of Honor this season, was one of the commentators for the Buccaneers' preseason game against the Jaguars. In a meeting with Winston and ESPN's production crew, Gruden and coach-turned-analyst Rex Ryan raved about Winston's potential. Gruden went as far as saying that his kids own Winston's jersey.


  1. Ali Marpet made an appearance.**
    There are few things better than the sight of a 310-pound offensive linemen playing a ukulele under a palm tree. Marpet was introduced to the audience on Tuesday and was featured a few times throughout the show. It will be interesting to see if Hard Knocks continues to feature Marpet in the final two episodes.

4. Camp in Jacksonville was front and center.
The Buccaneers spent last week practicing with the Jaguars leading up to their preseason game on Thursday. So, naturally, Hard Knocks was on the road for the Buccaneers' extended trip to Jacksonville. Gerald McCoy's generous donation of wings and ribs to the team and staff was featured, along with several segments of team meetings at the Bucs' hotel.   

5. Winston's speeches stole the show.
Winston's pregame speech before the Bucs' game with the Jaguars went viral on social media, but that was just one of his speeches featured on Hard Knocks. Winston has his offense reciting rhymes in the locker room before the game, with Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing some friendly critiques about it's length.

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