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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Madden 15 Preview

Madden 15 is about to hit shelves. Check out how your favorite Bucs players are ranked in the newest version of the franchise before you get to dominating.


We're mere hours away from the much-anticipated release of Madden 15. And the good people over at EA Sports were kind enough to supply us with some of the Bucs stars' rankings in the new game.

So naturally, before you disappear for the next few days, we thought we'd share with you some of what you can expect when you line up as the 2014 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

On the Rise

We've all witnessed the big-time moves in the offseason and are champing at the bit to see what our guys can do on the field. It is obvious that Madden shares that anticipation and sees the improvement to the team with some serious jumps in Player rating from last season's Madden 25 to the newest title.


Madden 25 Rating

Madden 15 Rating


Josh McCown




Demar Dotson




Anthony Collins




Gerald McCoy




Lavonte David




Alterraun Verner




Johnthan Banks




Michael Johnson




Mark Barron




These are just a few of the big jumps to Buccaneers starters, and as you can see, the defense is going to be something to fear, both on screen and on the field. Of course, notable players missing from the list are Vincent Jackson, who held steady with his 92 rating (among the top receivers in the game), and Doug Martin who took just a one point hit falling to 89 after missing time last year with a shoulder injury.

The Buccaneers rookies should also make a splash in the game for all those fans looking to take control of the "Dunkaneers" offense when Madden is released. Austin Seferian-Jenkins is the game's second highest rated rookie tight end at 75. Mike Evans is tied for the fifth-highest rating of any rookie offensive player and the second highest rated receiver with an overall grade of 78.

Top of the Class

Looking closer at the table, two names

Check out some of your favorite Bucs in Madden 15.

jump out at some of the highest rated players in all of Madden 15: Gerald McCoy and Lavonte David.

McCoy's 95 rating makes him the third highest rated defensive tackle, behind perennial favorites Ndamukong Suh and Geno Atkins. He is also the second highest rated defensive player in the NFC South. He has a 90 or higher in Strength, Acceleration, Tackle, Power Move, Stamina and Pursuit. Here's what had to say about him in their Top 5 DT Rankings:

McCoy can both rush the passer (97 Power Moves, ranked second) and play the run (91 Tackle/95 Pursuit) for the promising Buccaneers defense.

Lavonte David comes in at fourth overall for outside linebackers in the game. The three ahead of him (Von Miller, Aldon Smith and Justin Houston) are all outside backers in a 3-4 system, making David the highest rated 4-3 outside linebacker in the game. On top of that, he is the fourth highest rated defender in the division and earned a much-respected 98 rating in Tackling. had this to say about him:

Lavonte David may just be the best true 4-3 weakside linebacker in the NFL. His 88 SPD/88 AGI/90 ACC put him on par with some of the best RB's in football, while his 98 TAK/98 PUR/96 PLAY REC are all position-bests at ROLB in Madden 15.

The star power doesn't stop there. The Buccaneers boast two other players with 90 overall grades in Michael Johnson and Vincent Jackson. Johnson is the third highest rated DE in the NFC South while Vincent Jackson shares the number one rating with Julio Jones. Jackson's Release skills gave him a 98 rating in that category.


Alterraun Verner (87 overall) and Doug Martin (89 overall) also own the number one rating at their position in our division. With Verner, Johnson, David and McCoy all at the top of their position, it is hard to believe that the Buccaneers will not have one of the stoutest defenses in Madden 15. Plus, we can't help but wonder how terrifying this group would be to control in NFL Blitz.

One more note must be made after a bit of an online to-do was made about another Buccaneer's high rating. Jeff Demps has a 98 grade in both Acceleration and Speed. He is tied for the top in the entire game in the Speed standings, which memorably got @TBBuccaneers and plenty of fans riled up at the announcement.

98 SPD, tied for highest in #Madden15! RT @TBBuccaneers: Just in case you needed proof...Jeff Demps is REALLY fast. — EA SPORTS Madden NFL (@EAMaddenNFL) July 28, 2014

What's it take to be 100?!? #Olympian RT @EAMaddenNFL 98 SPD, tied for highest in #Madden15! RT @TBBuccaneers: Jeff Demps is REALLY fast — Tampa Bay Buccaneers (@TBBuccaneers) July 28, 2014

We suspect there is a cheetah in #Madden15 - or possibly @usainbolt RT @kham4prez: @EAMaddenNFL @TBBuccaneers tied with who? — Tampa Bay Buccaneers (@TBBuccaneers) July 28, 2014

We still have yet to determine which team has signed the cheetah, but we're not too worried about it, assuming that its Football Awareness rating must be among the lowest in the game.

Just for Kicks

When EA Sports hands over the full rankings that include stats ranging from Catching and Carrying to Trucking, Hit Power and Finesse Moves, it is difficult to not get a little curious about where the players stack up.

For instance, who does Madden 15 recommend take over kicking duties should the responsibility fall on a non-kicker? That would be Doug Martin, the highest rated non-kicker on the Buccaneers in Kicking Power (35) and second highest in Accuracy (33). If you say so, Madden.

Cornerback Leonard Johnson will likely not see much work at the position on the football field, but Madden shows him as the third highest rated non-quarterback on the team in Throwing Power (62). To answer your question, yes, that is the highest rated defensive player in the NFC South. Nicely done, Leonard. Apparently, if he is ever called upon, he should stick to the short and intermediate routes because his Throw Accuracy Deep takes a pretty significant drop to 44. In his defense, he spent little-to-no time at training camp practicing his deep corner fades.

Finally, there is Jamon Meredith, ranking toward the top of the Buccaneers pack in Strength and Run Blocking. But the Buccaneers might be in trouble if they have to call on the big guy to drop into Man Coverage (7). Interestingly though, he moves up five spots if he is ever needed for Zone Coverage (15). Luckily, with Verner at cornerback (89 and 88, respectively) I don't think the real-life Bucs defense will have to worry about such a scenario.

Enjoy playing as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this season in Madden 15. And don't forget to set you alarm from Thursday, August 28th at 7:30 PM and Sunday, September 7th at 4:25 PM so you don't miss out on the real deal inside Raymond James Stadium for the final preseason game against the Washington Redskins and the 2014 Buccaneers home and season opener against the Carolina Panthers.

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