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(On if any players who missed Sunday's game might play this week against the Atlanta Falcons)

"Hopefully, Lavonte [David] will be close. We'll see if he makes progress this week, so that will be a big plus for us. The rest of them, we have to see about."

(On LB SirVocea Dennis' status)

"He should be fine, too."

(On if LB K.J. Britt is getting an MRI today)

"He's getting it done now."

(On things he hopes to build off of after Sunday's game)

"Well, they were gritty. You know, we made plays when we had to make plays. We got off the field at third-in-one, offense made a big play, obviously with Mike [Evans], [Josh] Hayes made a big play on special teams, defense made a big play in the fourth quarter to get off the field, so guys were making plays. You have make plays in this game to win this game. We had different guys make plays at different times, you know, which is what you want in December."

(On S Ryan Neal having one practice as a reserve inside linebacker)

"He's a tough guy, he's a smart guy, and more importantly, he is a team guy. He'll do whatever it takes for the team to win. He's very aware on the field, he doesn't just understand his job, so I think that helps him a little bit. I think that helped going to linebacker. He naturally can read, see the game, and the [linebackers] helped him out too. You know, J.J. [Russell] when he was in there, Coach [Larry] Foote did a good job getting him prepped up on the sidelines. He played a heck of a ball game for us."

(On why WR Mike Evans has had so many long receptions this season)

"Baker [Mayfield] [and] Mike [Evans] being on the same page. Really, Baker just reading the defense, seeing what they are giving them, and taking advantage of the small things. He's a great film study guy, and when he sees things, he's going to take advantage of them."

(On if it was surprising for WR Chris Godwin to have no catches)

"I just saw that. We were subbing him out a lot. Obviously, he's a little nicked up, so he's not totally 100%. Nobody is, but he is probably banged up more than most. For him to get the run for us was huge for him. I think it helped him out a lot, it helped us out a lot, so it was good to see him get in the end zone."

(On if he has any insight as to Brian Burns' post-game comments about being provoked)

"I don't know who it was or what was said. It's football."

(On what he has seen from DL Calijah Kancey's overall game)

"He's figuring out how they try to block them, you know, that's big for him. Usually, you just do your job when you come in, try to learn the scheme. Once you learn the scheme, then you start adding your play to it, becoming more explosive, because he is seeing everything faster. That's really helping him out a lot."

(On if he views the game against the Atlanta Falcons as a playoff game)

"We viewed yesterday as a playoff game. From here on out, every game we play is a playoff game, and most of them are division games that we play, so it's really important for us to win those division games."

(On what has allowed the Atlanta Falcons to be successful)

"[Atlanta Falcons Head Coach] Arthur [Smith] does a great job coaching them. They are very well prepared when they come out to play. They play with a lot of energy. They are division games, the record is out the window regardless of who you play in the division, it's going to be a tough game. We expect it to be tough on Sunday."

(On what he hopes to correct from the last game against the Atlanta Falcons)

"Like every week, you have to make plays when it's time to make plays. We had the game at the end, we didn't make plays, [and] they made the play to win the ballgame. We have to make plays at the end to win the ball game."

(On how much growth he has seen from young players on the team)

"There's help because they're settling down now. You know, they have gotten all the butterflies out of the way, and all of the mistakes out the way hopefully, so now they are just settling down and playing football, and that allows them to play faster. All of them are coming together at the same time, so hopefully it continues."


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