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Tebow on Who Bucs Should Draft at No. 1

Who does Tim Tebow think is worthy of the No. 1 pick in this year's draft?


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Tim Tebow joined Michael Smith and Jemele Hill on their show His and Hers on ESPN a few weeks back to discuss one of the hottest topics of this offseason – who the Bucs should select at No. 1 in this year's NFL Draft.

Tebow, who worked out for the Eagles earlier in the week and has played with the Broncos and Patriots, voiced his support for former Oregon star, Marcus Mariota.

"You have to give Jameis (Winston) a lot of credit," Tebow said. "You go two years without losing a game, that's pretty impressive. And he's got some leadership skills about him too in that fourth quarter and coming from behind. But I would go with Marcus (Mariota) just because I think his ceiling is a little bit higher with his athleticism. But I think both of them are very talented quarterbacks."READ: MARIOTA VISITS BUCS| WATCH:MARIOTA AT ONE BUC

Hill asked Tebow what he was impressed more with, Mariota's skills or his intangibles.

"His intangibles, his decision-making" Tebow replied. "And I think his intangibles go into his decision-making. He's a smart guy but also why he is so successful is because his teammates believe in him so much."

Tebow continued, "He genuinely is kind of a shy guy but he loves his teammates, loves hanging around them, loves being able to work with them and grind with them and improve and loves the University of Oregon. That's something he really plays for and plays for his teammates. That is real and that's one of the reasons he's had so much success. Those guys around him, they play for him. He really is a big-time leader."

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