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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

That's a Fact

Our annual stroll through the NFL’s entertaining Record & Fact Book uncovers notes on such topics as youthful lineups, sack leaders and close games


Bucs DE Simeon Rice has more sacks than any other NFL player over the last decade, including the Giants' Michael Strahan

With rookies Dan Buenning, Alex Smith and Cadillac Williams, second-year man Michael Clayton and third-year vets Chris Simms and Sean Mahan in the lineup on most Sundays, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had one of the youngest starting offenses in the NFL in 2005.

They did not, however, have the league's youngest starter at any particular position last year. Not even Buenning, Smith or Williams, who went straight from the draft to the starting lineup, could claim that distinction.

Only the most devoted NFL trivia masters could name the trio that edged out the Bucs' rookies for youngest 2005 starters at guard, tight end and running back. Assuming the reader is not said trivia buff, we'll supply the answers, along with birthdates:

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