Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Big Picture

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers FanCam Presented by the Tampa Tribune is coming to Raymond James Stadium, and you can be part of the largest interactive photo ever taken at the Bucs’ home simply by coming to Monday’s game…After the game, find yourself in the picture here on Buccaneers.com and you could win an exciting prize


A packed-house crowd at Raymond James Stadium is an impressive thing, seeming to roar in a single voice when the home team scores a touchdown or sacks the quarterback.  But that crowd is also composed of 65,000 unique individuals, and the new Tampa Bay Buccaneers FanCam Presented by The Tampa Tribune is here to prove that with razor-sharp clarity.

The Bucs' new FanCam adds another layer of entertainment to a game at Raymond James Stadium, one that continues into the following week and – for several lucky prize-winners – all the way into December.

Sound intriguing?  This is how it works:

Shortly before the opening kickoff at each Buccaneers game, a FanCam photographer will take the field and shoot a special 360-degree picture that encompasses every seat in the stadium, in an ultra-high-definition, five billion-pixel picture.  The process takes about five to seven minutes and produces an incredible image that fans can "step inside" and look around, almost as if they were standing on the field at the moment of the shot, with high-powered binoculars to focus in on any part of the stadium.

Every fan who is in his or her seat as the game is about to begin will be in the photo, which will then be posted on Buccaneers.com the following Wednesday morning.  That's when the fun really begins.

By visiting Buccaneers.com, fans who attended the game can access the photo and manipulate their way through the 360-degree field, moving the view left and right and up and down and zooming in right to their very own images.  Once the fan finds himself, he can "tag" his image and then use email, Twitter or Facebook to share the shot with all of his friends.

Even better, simply by tagging his own image, the fan is automatically entered into a sweepstakes to win a spot in a special Buccaneers Gameday Getaway to the team's game in Jacksonville on December 11.  The prize includes round-trip, same-day airfare to Jacksonville and two tickets to that day's game against the Jaguars.

And it all begins this Monday!  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers FanCam presented by The Tampa Tribune will take its amazing image before the Monday Night Football Game between the Buccaneers and the Indianapolis Colts.

You don't even have to be at Raymond James Stadium to enjoy the new Buccaneers FanCam, or to win a prize.  Anyone can access the photo on Buccaneers.com and explore the gigapixel image, finding interesting shots of the stadium or locating friends.  While exploring, fans can look for the hidden Tampa Tribune in the stadium, following the cues of a crowd noise that gets louder when you get closer to the hiding spot.

Tag the hidden Tampa Tribune and you will be automatically entered into another sweepstakes for an incredible experience at a Buccaneers home game.  This prize features two club-seat tickets and two pregame field passes for an upcoming Tampa Bay home game.

There are endless hours of fun to be had exploring a "virtual" Raymond James Stadium and finding yourself, your friends and other interesting views in the 360-degree, high-def images.  Want to prove to your friends that you were there when the Buccaneers made Monday night history?  Simply access the FanCam image and zoom in on yourself, at your seat inside Raymond James Stadium.

The fun and prizes are just beginning with the new Tampa Bay Buccaneers FanCam Presented by The Tampa Tribune.  Follow updates here on Buccaneers.com, on the team's official Facebook page and Twitter feed, and get ready to stand out in the crowd!

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