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The Greatest Bucs: Outside Linebackers

The latest position to be put to fan vote for the All-Time Tampa Bay Buccaneers Team is outside linebacker, where the franchise has had a long line of strong contributors


Derrick Brooks has 19 interceptions, most among Buccaneer linebackers, and he has returned five of them for touchdowns

From Richard Wood and Dewey Selmon to Derrick Brooks and Shelton Quarles, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a rich history at the linebacker position. Even if we're only considering outside linebackers, as we shall do this week in our continuing series to select the All-Time Tampa Bay Buccaneers team, there are still many outstanding candidates from which to choose.

The inside linebackers will get their vote, eventually. (Editor's Notes: Quarles and Ervin Randle, two Buc standouts who started at both inside and outside linebacker at some point in their respective careers, will be considered among the inside 'backers, as that is where they had their most significant achievements. Since the team's defensive history is split almost exactly between a 3-4 front (1976-90) and a 4-3 alignment (1991-2003), the All-Time Buccaneers Team will feature four linebackers and four defensive linemen.)

From 1976-90, the Buccaneers made a common practice of selecting linebackers early in the draft, spending a dozen first, second or third-round picks on linebackers over that 15-year span, in part because their 3-4 defensive front required the position to be well-stocked. Among those early picks were such outside 'backers as David Lewis, Hugh Green, Kevin Murphy and Winston Moss, all of whom had fairly lengthy runs as starters in Tampa Bay's system. Early-round picks have less commonly been used on linebackers in the '90s and the new millennium, but the Bucs have still made several strong hits, most notably that of Derrick Brooks in 1995.

Below you will find brief accounts of the Buccaneer careers of 10 outside linebackers, all nominated for inclusion on the All-Time Team. Please review their qualifications and vote for two linebackers in the poll to the right. Your votes will determine who makes the team at the position, although the results will not be announced until the entire team is revealed near the beginning of the 2004 season.

This is sixth installment of our ongoing effort to determine the Greatest Buccaneers at every position. Already you've selected two cornerbacks, two defensive ends, one center, one tight end and one punter. To review the positions discussed so far, visit the All-Time Tampa Bay Buccaneers Team home page.


All-Time Tampa Bay Buccaneers Team: Nominated Outside Linebackers

The nominations are presented in alphabetical order. Only a player's accomplishments with the Buccaneers are considered.

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