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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

TJ's 3 Takeaways from TB-BAL


Welcome Back Mike Evans
There's not much good that comes out of a game that is 28-0 in the first quarter, but it was good to see rookie #1 pick WR Mike Evans making some plays on Sunday. He had a nice 1st quarter catch and run over the middle for 25 yards. He eventually caught the first touchdown on a 17 yard catch in the 3rd when he knew he would take a shot from the safety. While it wasn't significant in the outcome, we look for bright spots moving forward and a healthy #13 is one.LaVonte David continues to battle
Despite the one sided outcome, I still admire the spirit and hustle of LaVonte David. He was still flying around making tackles (10 unassisted) and exhorting his teammates on the field while the deficit was, for all intent, insurmountable. That says something to me about his character and ability. Those things will be crucial in turning around a 1-5 start.Kudos to the Buc fans who endured the awful start and the heat, yet stuck around
I say all of the the time on national radio and interviews, etc, that Buc fans are among the best/most loyal out there. Yesterday was a true test of that. Even though the 1st half was dismal, there were fans by the thousands who stuck around well into the 2nd half and continued to support the team under tough circumstance and the heat. They are to be commended for that. Here's hoping that in two weeks, there's much more to cheer about for all involved.

Photos from the second half of Buccaneers vs. Ravens.

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