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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

TJ's 3 Takeaways from TB-CLE

1) Monster Game for Evans

The Buccaneers #1 pick, once again showed why this club was so high on his abilities when they drafted him in May with a career high 124 yards receiving and 2 more touchdowns. Specifically, Evans continues to be outstanding in one-on-one situations with smaller DB's going down the field for big gains. There is no question that he and Vincent Jackson have become a 1-2 punch that Tampa Bay can use to its advantage in the passing game down the road.

2) Special Teams Blunders Prove Costly

As Head Coach Lovie Smith said on the radio post game interview, you simply

cannot have multiple mistakes in special teams like the Bucs did Sunday and expect to win a close game. Maybe, you can tolerate a field goal being blocked or punt blocked by themselves. But, when they both happen and you also jump offsides on your own against a FG attempt giving the Browns a chance to score seven (they did) instead of settling for three points, you have done yourselves in with those kind of plays strung together. Obviously, they must get back to work and improve it.

3) McCoy Dominates Inside

Pro Bowl DT Gerald McCoy once again displayed the kind of play that has earned him his new seven year deal and pays him more than any other defensive tackle in the league. McCoy destroyed the Browns center one on one for an early 1st half sack and finished with another sack and two other tackles for loss. Plus, he had three other quarterback hurries, himself, in the game. Never mind the fact that Cleveland was having to double and at times triple team him, which allowed others a 1 on 1 match up against their blocker. #93 is cornerstone of this franchise.

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