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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

TJ's Take: 3 Keys to Beat Minnesota


Make Something Happen on Offense, Immediately**
In three of the last four outings, the Bucs offense has failed to get anything going in the first quarter. Coming off a bye week with extra preparation, it's time to see a big play on offense or a crisp drive that results in six points right out of the gate. Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans are a big-play tandem and there's no reason why they can't challenge the Vikings DBs early in this game. It's good to talk about establishing the run, and that would be a plus, but some early confidence by scoring quickly is a bigger key.

Pressure Teddy Bridgewater Relentlessly
Without a doubt, this game will hinge on the rookie quarterback's play and the Bucs' ability to pressure him into bad decisions, throws and, perhaps, turnovers. Just hearing his comments this week, Gerald McCoy is seething to get at Bridgewater. A healthier Michael Johnson off the bye will be ready to pin the ears back, too. Lavonte David has played against Bridgewater in high school in South Florida, so their rivalry goes back, as well. Now, it's time for the Tampa Bay D to make it happen and create opportunities and turnovers.

Finally, Give the Bucs Fans the Ammo to Be a Loud Impact
Without dwelling too much on the Baltimore game, the Bucs gave their home-field advantage zero chance to make an impact by falling behind so quickly and doing nothing to get the crowd back in the game early. Creating that home crowd energy is essential on Sunday. Whether it is a scoring play, sack, turnover or any combination of those, the Bucs must bring the RJS fans to their feet! The Bucs must force the Vikings to experience exactly what the Buccaneers offense had to experience when they traveled to Atlanta, Pittsburgh and New Orleans in successive weeks. LOUDNESS.

Vincent Jackson and Captain Munnerlyn know each other from previous NFC South battles, and they could be paired in another very important matchup this Sunday.

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