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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

TJ's Take: 3 Keys to Beat Washington


More McCown Good Play Will Go a Long Way**

One of the bright spots from last Sunday's loss to Atlanta with the re-debut of Josh McCown. After going back and re-watching the game, it's obvious that the team and offense responded to him and his leadership for a couple of key reasons. One, he continually made the right decisions on throws, even when that meant pulling it down and gaining yards with his feed when needed. Second, and just as important, he was able to convert third downs, which kept drives alive and put up points. The Bucs must protect him and then build upon and improve this moving forward, starting Sunday with the Redskins.Keep RG III and the Redskins from Burning You

Now that Washington has their starter back after a dislocated ankle sidelined him for almost half the year, look for Robert Griffin III to not only try to air it out on the Bucs pass defense, but also try to use his legs (as much as that looks crazy to write) to move the offense. As Gerald McCoy said on his Wednesday night radio show, it is a different situation when Griffin is running the read option because he will not only take off around the end, but will step back and launch it deep to his big play threats. The Buccaneers will have to be ready for both. If they are prepared, then it greatly helps their chances.Make a Play!

How many times has that been uttered by either Head Coach Lovie Smith or the players in recent weeks when talking to the media? Now imagine how many times has it been uttered inside the walls of the facility in closed meetings? Got to believe it's been a few. In each of the last three games, Tampa Bay has failed in a one-score, winnable fourth quarter game to…. Make, That, Play. Whether it's a sack on third down, a critical late takeaway, the offense getting in the end zone by making one more play than the defense, or even our special teams coming through in the clutch, that big play has to happen Sunday at FedEx Field. Too many times the story postgame has started with the a familiar "if only." It's time to get the key pick or huge touchdown. Do something to take the game from the Redskins, who may be ripe to give it away.

QB Josh McCown is back under center for the Buccaneers and this week he must try to outsmart his defensive counterpart, Redskins LB Keenan Robinson, the team's leading tackler.

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