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Transcript: DeSean Jackson

The following is a transcript of the conference call between Philadelphia Eagles WR DeSean Jackson and the Tampa Bay aread media:

(On Head Coach Chip Kelly coming in this season)

"It was a tough season we had last year as an organization and as a team. When Chip Kelly came in, I think everybody was in a mode where we just wanted to do whatever we could do to kind of erase the year we had and, the full team, just be everybody in on one goal and just have something we could look forward to. Chip was like that missing piece, that new piece as a new addition, so having a guy that you believe in and trust in – not to say that wasn't the same case with [former Philadelphia Head Coach] Andy Reid – but we all just felt it was good for us to get a new culture and somebody new to come in just kind of have a new system and things like that. I think, since day one, everybody admired what he's [Coach Kelly] done in his past in his career at [the University of] Oregon and everybody just bought into what he was bringing to Philadelphia."

(On the Philadelphia offense)

"Basically, I would describe it as a high-tempo offense where we're able to keep defenses off-guard. At any given time, he's [Coach Kelly] able to signal plays in from the sidelines and guys are all on the same page to know what we need to do to execute the play. [It's] just very high-tempo, up-tempo and [we're] just really trying to keep defenses off-guard and not let them substitute and not let them understand what's coming until the next play."

(On what is different about playing under Coach Kelly)

"As far as everyday schedules, when you come to work, it's just different things that he's asking us to do and, as a professional athlete – especially being in the league this year – it was just a little different. Like I said, once he came, we all just wanted to buy into whatever it was he's asking us to do that worked at Oregon, in the college system, I think guys are just like, 'Well, we're just going to do what he says and do what he's asking – let's just see where it's going to take us this year.'"

(On the Buccaneer defense)

"They're obviously a good defense. Their record really doesn't show it. We honestly know what we're going up against this week. Every week in the NFL, it's almost like 'any given Sunday.' Depending on who you're playing, the challenges differ on what teams present. Last year, I was actually hurt when we went to Tampa Bay, so I didn't get to play in that game. But just watching film and seeing the success we had against them last year. Obviously, this year, they have the additions they have with [safety Dashon] Goldson, who's a good friend of mine – played against him in college as well – and [cornerback] Darrelle Revis, obviously, being one of the best corners in the league. I've played against both of them, very familiar with both of them. We're just excited for the opportunity. We have a lot riding on this game. Of course, they do too, because I'm sure they want to get their first win of the season. As far as what they do on film and what they do as a defense, I think it's pretty similar to teams we've faced this year. They're very similar to the [New York] Giants; they mostly play some zone or with some open-field safeties, and then, sometimes, they have a safety in the middle of the field where, a lot of times, they come down and blitz and do different things like that. It's just different looks that, as the week goes along, we'll keep watching and see what they like to do."

(On how the offense will change with a different quarterback)

"We try not to change too much of it as far as how the offense is run and what plays we're calling. We're very confident [Philadelphia Eagles quarterback] Nick Foles can come in and get the job done as well as [Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mike] Vick doing a great job too. It's a great opportunity for Nick, you know he's been in the situation before, especially with Vick going down last year and him coming in and just giving us the opportunity and the chance to win football games. Similar play calls will be called and we just really have to go out there and win the game as a team. I think last game going out there, not turning the ball over and not shooting ourselves in the foot – like the majority of the time we did early in the season – I think we'll be definitely fine. That's how we win games in this league, not turning the ball over, not having penalties, so as long as we're still able to do that, we should be fine."

(On how he's become a better wide receiver this season)

"I think I'm just being put in different positions. In the past, I think everybody was able to watch film and key in to what we were doing when we had Marty Mornhinweg here as the offensive coordinator and Coach Reid. I think I had a lot of success early in my career on big plays and explosive plays in the League. In the past couple of years, before Chip Kelly got here, I think everybody was kind of keying in and trying to basically take that away from us as an offense and me as a player. Now that Chip Kelly came in, he's moving me around, putting me in different positions. Every play is not a home run, deep threat; we have a balanced offensive running game as well, [with] [Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean] McCoy in the backfield and things like that. Whatever it is that I need to do to free myself up, so it's like we're just always going deep, that's what I love doing. I love being put in positions where I am able to go underneath and run underneath routes too and just keep the defense off-guard, just put them to sleep and then go over-top."

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