Tampa Bay Buccaneers

What A Concept!

Our latest contest gives you the chance you’ve always wanted…This time, you are going to design the Buccaneers.com Flash Intro...Submit our favorite concept and you’re the winner!


Think you've got the best Flash Intro idea? You've got some high creative standards to live up to!

For years, the Flash Intros on Buccaneers.com have been among the most unique and popular features of any professional sports team web site. Of course, they have also spawned an endless amount of debate on the Buccaneers.com message boards.

Tampa Bay Buccaneer fans are a creative and passionate bunch, and the Flash Intros that lead into each game during the season certainly stir their interests. For some the Intros simply provide inspiration for the upcoming game, but for others they provide inspiration for even grander Intro ideas.

In other words, we hear you. You say your idea for the next Buccaneers.com Flash Intro is the idea. You say you've got the perfect concept, the ideal way to inspire the Buccaneers and their fan base, or perhaps a clever way to poke fun at the Buccaneers' opponents.

Well, now's your chance.

Buccaneers.com is turning the concept for the bye week Flash Intro over to you, the fans…and we're even making it into a contest! You can direct the next great Intro and walk away with authentic Buccaneer gear.

Here's how the contest works: In the Team Discussions forum page on the Buccaneers.com message boards you will find a thread devoted to the this topic. The thread is entitled, "You describe it and we make it: The Flash Intro Concept contest," and it's "sticky," which means it will always be at the top of the Team Discussions page.

To submit an idea, post it within this thread. Fans are encouraged to monitor the thread and throw their support behind the idea or ideas they like best. Once the creative juices have really started flowing, Buccaneers.com editors will pick our favorite concept and create a Flash Intro around it.

If you're idea is chosen, you'll be able to tell your friends that next week's Flash Intro was your concept. You'll also get to show off your Buccaneer polo shirt and hat, the specific bounty at stake in this contest.

You don't have to do anything else. Simply submit the best idea – the one you know Buccaneers.com should have been doing all along – and we'll take it from there. Any and all ideas that are posted within this thread will become property of the Buccaneers for use now or in the future.

Come on – you've had the best idea all along. You know it, and we know it because you've told us before. Now, share it with us and you could be the winner.

If you're already registered for the message board, click here to go directly to the contest thread.

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