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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

What They Can Do

Donations are gathering in the Buccaneers’ locker room for relief funds in embattled New York City


Buccaneer players like P Mark Royals were looking for a way to extend a helping hand to those directly affected by Tuesday's tragedy

The 53 men that form the Tampa Bay Buccaneers know they have something to share with the nation, and it is more than a few hours of entertainment on Sunday.

Like most Americans, Buccaneer players have run through a gamut of emotions since the tragic events of last Tuesday, finally settling upon a determination to help. Since NFL football provides them with significant incomes, the Bucs have decided the most direct way to offer help is through their checkbooks.

"A lot of the guys on the team wanted to know how they could help," said punter Mark Royals who, as the team's player representative, is helping to organize the team's relief efforts. "With what has gone on in our country, everybody wants to find the way in which they can help the most. At this point, it appears that financial resources are what is going to be needed.

"We're very fortunate people in here and we're in a position where, if we choose to help, we're in a good position to do so. I think everybody in here feels like they want to help in some way, and this is our way of doing our part."

After meeting with his teammates as well as the Bucs' community relations department, Royals helped compile a list of five relief organizations that are offering direct aid to the victims of Tuesday's attacks and their families. Royals was cognizant of the existence of some less-than-reputable 'relief' organizations popping up in New York and wanted to make sure that any help offered by his teammates went to the proper people.

On Monday, each player found a memo in his locker with the following five organizations as suggested areas for donation:

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