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Winston Compared to Other No. 1 Picks

A look at Jameis Winston's projected 2015 season compared to other QBs drafted No. 1 overall.

Photos of Jameis Winston's run on 3rd-and-19, and the game-winning touchdown pass to Mike Evans.

Two months ago, we took a look at Jameis Winston's numbers and how they compared to other quarterbacks selected No. 1 overall since 1999. That list included 12 other players, including Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, Sam Bradford, Matthew Stafford, JaMarcus Russell, Alex Smith, Eli Manning, Carson Palmer, David Carr, Michael Vick, Tim Couch and Peyton Manning.

The conclusion was – Winston was headed for an impressive season by rookie standards. But those numbers back in October were much more of a projection as Winston only had a few games under his belt. With 12 games played and just four remaining, we projected Winston's rookie stats again and compared him to other top picks.

According to stats provided by Pro-Football-Reference.com, Winston is still on pace for the third-most passing yards and second-most touchdowns. Where he made the biggest jump since October was his projected interception total. He had been projected to throw 28 and is now on pace for 15. David Carr is the only other quarterback on this list to start 16 games and throw fewer interceptions as a rookie.


Andrew Luck: 4,374
Cam Newton: 4,051
*Jameis Winston: 3,849
Peyton Manning: 3,739
Sam Bradford: 3,512
Carson Palmer: 2,897
David Carr: 2,592
Tim Couch: 2,447
Eli Manning: 1,043
Alex Smith: 875
Michael Vick: 785
JaMarcus Russell: 373


Peyton Manning – 26
*Jameis Winston – 23
Andrew Luck – 23
Cam Newton – 21
Sam Bradford – 18
Carson Palmer – 18
Tim Couch – 15
David Carr – 9
Eli Manning– 6
Michael Vick – 2
JaMarcus Russell – 2
Alex Smith – 1


INTERCEPTIONS* Peyton Manning – 28
Andrew Luck- 18
Carson Palmer – 18
Cam Newton – 17
Sam Bradford – 15
*Jameis Winston – 15
Tim Couch – 13
Alex Smith – 11
Eli Manning – 9
David Carr – 9
JaMarcus Russell – 4
Michael Vick – 3 *

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