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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

01-26-2003 - Post Game Quotes

Super Bowl MVP S Dexter Jackson

(On his first interception) "They had three receivers on one side and one on the backside. They tried to flood one side and get the tight end (Doug Jolley) matched up with our safety. They were trying to get John Lynch so I went over and picked it off. He tried to run a stop fade and our line had a great rush."

(On winning a championship for the city of Tampa) "It's real great. When I first came to the team, I knew they had great players like the Sapps and Lynches and Brooks. These guys came from nothing and came together as a championship caliber team. It was tough. John Lynch went through it and he told me what it takes to be a great guy. I'm happy for the city of Tampa."

DE Simeon Rice (On recording two sacks) "It felt fantastic. I used my speed to get around them, and I felt like I put it all on the line and I made the plays our team needed."

(On why the Raiders' offense couldn't get on a roll) "They couldn't get on a roll because they couldn't stand the pressure. When you can't stand the pressure, you've got to get out of the kitchen. We put the pressure we needed to put on their offensive today and they weren't prepared for what this defense brings."

WR Keenan McCardell

(On his first touchdown) "That was a big one. We wanted to go in with a score before the half, either three points or seven. Brad saw me one on one and he made a big play. He made the throw and I made the play. That was one of the plays that got us going into the half and gave us the momentum to come out in the second half and play the way we did."

(On his second touchdown) "We were driving and we knew we needed to put some points on the board. I really thought that making that score, me being a leader, I have to step up and make a play. Brad gave me a chance to step up and make a play. He saw me, I made a move and it was a touchdown."

(On winning a Super Bowl after being a 12th-round draft pick) "It feels great. It feels so sweet I don't know what to say. I hope there's some more out there."

(On what Tampa Bay did to surprise Oakland) "A lot of will, a lot of faith, a lot of belief in our locker room. Everybody in that locker room believed that we were going to go back into that locker room champions."

RB Michael Pittman (On winning the Super Bowl in his hometown) "It's the greatest feeling in the world. Look at that tropy over there, it's about to be ours. We're the World Champions. I'm at a loss for words right now, but it's big coming in my hometown and I had a great game. I was trying to pull off the MVP, but Dexter Jackson played a great game."

(On playing his best game in the biggest game) "The offensive line blocked great for me. I just ran through the holes and I almost broke another big one. I just kept pounding and pounding and the running yards came."

(On winning the Super Bowl his first year out of Arizona) "It's a dream come true. That's the reason I left Arizona, because I didn't think we'd ever have the chance to win and get to the Super Bowl. That's why I came here because I thought this team had the best chance to win the Super Bowl. And we won the Super Bowl."

LB Derrick Brooks

(On being Super Bowl Champions) "I just want to thank God for the moment and realize that this is a very special feeling. We were able to set the momentum early and we were able to hold it through the whole game."

(On the Raiders gaining momentum in the third quarter, then the Bucs overcoming it) "We just kept telling each other to keep pounding the rock, that has been our theme all year long. If they don't score anymore, we are going to win. We let them score a couple times with the blocked kick and the long touchdown pass to (Jerry) Porter, but this defense just kept bringing it and bringing it. I just want to thank God I was able to read the quarterback and pick that pass off."

(On the young guys and role players stepping up) "Dexter getting the MVP was great for the young guys and the role players stepped up big. Everyone stepped up and played big for us. This one is for Tampa Bay. We will see y'all tomorrow."

Head Coach Jon Gruden

(On the play of the Buccaneers defense) "If you are going to throw the ball against our defense, good luck. They are a stingy defense, we rush the passer, are very disciplined and we are very athletic. Like I said, that is something we do well."

(On Super Bowl MVP Dexter Jackson) "He set the stage very early in the football game with two big interceptions. We limited a lot of yardage after the catch, and he had a lot to do with that."

(On the Buccaneers offense) We played well today. We had very god sustained drives, including one at the end of the half and one to start the second half – two decisive blows in the football game."

Defensive Coordinator Monte Kiffin

(On how good this defensive performance was) "It was against the number one offense in the NFL, so it was a heck of a job. We had a couple of breakdowns. The guys really started to get tired, the pass rush because it was throw, throw, throw. But I don't know that I've ever seen a better first half than that against the number one offense in the NFL."

(On how tough it was to choose an MVP) "As far as I'm concerned the whole defense could have gotten it. But I'll tell you something, our offense did an awesome job. Jon Gruden is the best. He ran the clock, threw the ball and that 90-yard drive was unbelievable."

(On his interest in becoming a head coach) "That would be nice, in the right situation. I want to make sure it's the right situation. But right now, I'm pretty happy where I'm at."

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