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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

08-28-2008 - Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Jon Gruden

(introduction) Id just like to say, I am proud of our football team. We played a lot of young players, first year players and I thought we played hard on both sides of the ball. I was happy to see Matt Bryant kick three field goals at the end there. He needed to do that; it was important and again we have some tough decisions to make and Id just like to compliment out football team and our coaching staff. I thought they worked hard. We are looking forward to starting the regular season and Id be happy to answer any questions I can.

(on how concerned he is about Bryants missed field goals) "Well the first one was 54 yards soThe second one I dont know if I was disappointed or just shocked because Matt doesnt miss field goals and I just feel its unbelievable so I was shocked and I was disappointed but again I was happy to see him bang those last 3 field goals through the uprights and hopefully that catapults him into another great season.

(on whether or not Bryant gave any indication of why he missed the field goals) I dont want to talk to him about kicking. I dont know much about it really. Ive tried to kick myself and I cant even express how bad I am. I have confidence in this guy, more than maybe he knows and I think hes going to be just fine, but he knows we desperately need him to get the job done. Ive been through this for a couple years where, not to point fingers, but it was very very painful and we need him. We need him to be our leading scorer just like every kicker is on every team in this league and hes got the talent and he can get it done and certainly I have a lot of confidence in him.

(on wide receiver #10 Jacksons 83 yard punt return) He was great tonight. We gave him an end around early and I think he got 14 yards on that play and he got a big pass interference call that set up one of Matts field goals and he returned a punt. I dont know how fast he was running but it looked like Forest Gump to me and were excited about it, you know hes got a long way to go to figure everything out, the big picture, but he does have tremendous speed and a lot of talent and hes very confident in what he is doing. That was huge tonight.

(on whether wide receiver #10 Jackson will be the primary return man) I dont want to any judgments right now but we didnt bring him in here to sit him on the sidelines, we brought him in here to give us a jump in the return game, he clearly did that tonight and well let you know.

(on how the guys stepped up and made plays when they needed to) We only stood up and sat down 25 or 27 players, maybe 30 but a lot of times no one recognizes and hopefully tonight they became familiar with some new guys. There was some inspiring play out there today. I tried to tell the players that after the game, it may just be the 4th preseason game but a lot of these guys accepted the challenge and they stepped up and found a way to win on the road. I dont care who were playing or when were playing, tonight was a good solid team victory and the 4th and 5th quarterback were very good in situations tonight.

(on how big it is when guys like Dexter can play in different positions) That is bigger than big really when you think about whats happened here in the last couple of years. # 19 Ike Hillard has been a clutch. He was our leading receiver last year and he had to do the punt return duties as well and that is a lot of responsibility when you go to sleep the night before the game and hopefully Dexter can continue to get better and better and allow some of the other players to do what they do and again we dont think Dexter is just the return man, we didnt bring him in here exclusively to do that. Were going to try to create some things for him to do to help us.

DE Patrick Chukwurah

(on how he played tonight) I was just glad I had the opportunity to come out there and play. I was sitting at the house all through preseason and just wondering if a team was going to pick me up and if I was going to get another opportunity. The Lord blessed me with one, so I had to take full advantage of that.

(on where he was before being picked up) I was back and forth, but at the time I was in Tampa. I was working out in Tampa just maintaining and I got that call.

(on if he was working out with a personal trainer) Oh no, I wasnt that fortunate. Ive been doing this for so long, so I just knew what to do to keep my body right and stay in shape. So, I was just doing what Ive been doing for years.

(on being able to play the entire game) The Lord was just with me. I was just out there doing what I do, what I know I can do. I just try to put it on tape and be the best I can be. I was just out there playing and the Lord blessed me with good plays. Thats all she wrote.


Head Coach Gary Kubiak

(on the play of the back up cornerbacks) Well, Petey (CB DeMarcus Faggins) has had a great camp, weve talked about that before. He played extremely well in the first half tonight. We were really looking at (CB Derrick) Roberson and (CB Jamar) Fletcher tonight, as well as CB Dexter Wynn. Were looking for a fifth guy. As for which one were going to keep, Ill have to go back and look at the film. It looked like Dexter Wynn did some good things. I know Roberson had a mistake on the punt return, but Ill have to go back and look at the film to be fair to them. Were going to take a good look at all three of those guys.

(on if he is surprised at how CB DeMarcus Faggins has bounced back during the off-season and preseason) Im really not because thats part of being a pro, especially if youre a corner. You better have a short memory and I talked about him at the team meeting last night for young guys to look at him. Hes a seventh-round pick, if Im correct, and became a starter in this league. He worked through some hard, hard times that sent him the other way, and now hes battling back and playing his tail off. Thats what this league is about. Hes a great example of how much of a rollercoaster ride it can be to play in this league. I am very proud of the way he bounced back.

(on the progress of CB Antwaun Molden) It looked like he did a few good things tonight. I know he came out of a couple of his zones when the quarterback scrambled. Thats about discipline. Ill have to go back and look at him. Hes going to be a part of this team. He should help us not only defensively, but on special teams.

(on whether or not he has made up his mind on the cuts) I think we were sitting, to answer the question very honestly, were probably sitting at 42 or 43 when we walked into the stadium tonight. I think we have 10 tough decisions that could go either way when we look at this film. There may be some other things that go into that decision process, but I think we know corner was a decision. I wanted to let these two young quarterbacks throw the ball around, and look at them. Our running back is a decision. Defensive line is a very big decision. When you look at (DT Anthony) Maddox and you look at (DT Frank) Okam. It looked like (DT) Gabe Long came in and hasnt played much and did some good things. Thats a fourth spot there that is going to be a very difficult decision to make.

(on how many on the defensive line he would to keep and how many he could possibly keep) I think were looking at nine or 10. It really all depends. The defensive line will offset the secondary. If we keep 10 in the secondary, well probably keep nine up front. If we keep 10 up front well keep nine on the back end, so theyll probably offset each other however that ends up.

(on whether or not the depth at linebacker is a concern) Its a concern. The names are there but the bottom line is that two of those players havent played. Preseason-wise they really have been nonexistent. When we talk about (LB Chaun) Thompson and (LB Xavier) Adibi, we think they have a lot of ability. Were expecting big things from them, but they are way behind the football team. If we keep six, the names are there to talk about. I think (LB Kevis) Coley and (LB Ben) Moffitt played well tonight. Well look at them. But the concern is with the health of those two.

(on if a veteran like DE Roosevelt Colvin should stand out in this situation) Well see. We played him a bunch. We played him at linebacker. We played him at end and rushed. Well go back and see how he performed. Obviously there is still a tough decision to make in that regard and thats why he played a lot of football tonight.

QB Shane Boyd

(On how final preseason game went) It went pretty good. We had some bright spots on the offense but we want to do better. We had some of our backups in there and obviously we wanted to have a better showing and put some more points on the board but there was some highlights and some things we were doing well but theres some things that doesnt work.

(On his thoughts of his own performance) I set my standards higher. I can play better, I can always play better. Coach Kubiak is very hard and coach is very nitpicky on a lot of things because he wants us to be great quarterbacks. As far as personally there is some that I can still work on. I gave it all I had, I gave it everything I had and great effort. I just got to continue pushing.

(On how it was hard to develop timing in preseason) It kind of hinders you sometimes but as Kube (Gary Kubiak) says, its the NFL. As you look at somebody like Sage who didnt play a lot but had to get thrown in there and went 4-1 as a starter. So he lets us know that we always have to be ready. Thats what we have to do especially when youre in the backup role. Thats something we have to do. I havent played since the first week when I left the draft and then I sat down for two weeks and had to come back and play today. So its the game, as the backup role you have to be ready when your number is called.

LB Kevis Coley

(On final cuts approaching) "Everything helps. I came out playing my hardest, getting my snaps. I came out just wanting to play my hardest every snap with a good effort to try and make this team. Its up to the coaches now- thats all I can control. Im just waiting by the phone. Whatever happens- happens.

(On 15 tackles tonight) "You know, I drank a lot of water to stay hydrated tonight because I would play a lot tonight and thank God I stayed free from injury tonight. I just went out there and gave it all I had. Again, whatever happens, happens.

WR Jacoby Jones

(on how it felt today) It felt pretty good today. I had a long talk with my friend (WR) Harry (Williams) last night on the phone. He told me, Man, go back to that Lane College. So I just went out there and had fun.

(on if having fun was important to him) Oh yeah, so I could come back with my confidence going in to the regular season ready to play.

(on another storm heading into the Gulf of Mexico) I already told them (his family), I said, Look, get the family all up in my house. I will stay in a hotel or whatever, but all the family come to my house. All you can do is pray about it right now. What ever happens, happens. But I hope everyone gets out in time.

LB Ben Moffitt

(on getting 13 tackles in the game) I couldve played a lot better. I couldve played a lot better on special teams, but the Lord blessed me to get 13 tackles tonight. I tried to be around the ball, I tried to hustle, so it kind of pays off whenever you try to do those things.

(on if he did enough to earn a spot on the team) I have no idea. Ive heard from the veterans that the craziest things can happen. Im just going to put it in Gods hands and whatever happens, happens. Im just blessed to be here this far, so its been a good experience.

(on his emotions heading into tomorrow) Well, I left it all on the field and theres nothing else I can do, so Im just going to go chill with my family, hang out with them and pray and see what happens. I cant control it right now. Its in their hands. Its in Gods hands. So, Im just fortunate to make it this far and Im blessed, very blessed.

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