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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

12-24-2006 - Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Jon Gruden

(Opening comments) "I am pleased with our effort today, and how we came and a played hard as a team."

(On QB Tim Rattay) "He did a good job. He converted some key third downs. Besides having the ball slip out of his hands in the red zone on the interception and having the ball knocked out on the fumble, he played error free. He directed the offense well. I thought we moved the ball on every possession with authority. That's a credit to a lot of guys."

(On the play of his defense) "We were able to get some pressure on the quarterback and get some interceptions. Derrick Brooks made a signature play today to help us win the game. I was pleased with the whole football team even though we were not very successful in the red zone. Romeo Crennel is famous for having his defense toughen up in the red zone. They rush three guys sometimes, which disrupts your passing game. We came out in the second half with an impressive 74 yard drive and a touchdown."

(On today's game) "We had a great accomplishment today with the Glazer's getting their 100th victory. It is only the fourth win of the season but it is good to win. We played well the second half last week against Chicago and played pretty well overall today. I am proud of our players and coaches. It is a great feeling to get a win on the road. It is tough to win in this league."

(On the rest of the season) "We have the defending NFC champions coming in this week. We want to try and finish the season with as much authority as we started it. Hopefully some of the young guys like [WR] Maurice Stovall step up and make some big plays. I like to see the young guys move forward in their careers. We would like to win another football game. Obviously there is work to do for the Buccaneers in the offseason."

(On coming back to Ohio) "You all have places that you come from. It's always good to go back to where you grew up. I saw Lake Erie today. I remember that I caught a perch out there once. Sitting back and reminiscing about that was really touching."

LB Derrick Brooks (On the win) "First of all, I want to thank God. We continue to build on the momentum of the 4th quarter last week at Chicago, and today I feel we played championship football."

(On the interception) "We were running one of our blitz packages. We settled the run down, and any time you play a rookie quarterback and shut down the run, it puts pressure on them to throw the ball. I just read the offense, got the pick, and took it home."

(On turnovers) "They all came in bunches; that's how turnovers are. This season we got our hands on a lot of balls and couldn't bring them in. We knew it could come back and haunt us, and it did for a while. When you get a chance for turnovers and sacks, you have to hold on to them since they do not come every week."

DT Chris Hovan

(On the win) "It's a great feeling to win this game. It was the only gift I wanted for Christmas. Now I get to go home and celebrate with my loved ones."

(On his sack) "The whole defense played well. DE Greg Spires had two sacks, LB Derrick Brooks made a bunch of tackles, and we all played well together. Our defense played in sync as a team."

QB Tim Rattay

(On the win) "We won and that is huge. It is fun to win. Everyone is a part of today's win. It was a big team win. It's good to win on the road."

(On the running game) "The guys up front did a great job blocking, and obviously the guys running the ball made big plays. In the 4th quarter we kept pounding them. The guys up front dug in and we kept getting first downs. It's a good line, and they played really hard."

(On starting) "It was fun being out there, fun playing, and fun getting hit. I made some mistakes, but I will learn from them. It was good to play today. The guys were making plays, and it was fun to compete."

RB Michael Pittman

(On playing today) "I felt great today. It was a long time coming. Just getting the feel of the game today was nice. I made the most of the opportunities that the backs and tight-ends made for me. It feels good to have a game like that. All the credit goes to my team. We did not have many wins this year and winning on Christmas Eve was big for the team."


Head Coach Romeo Crennel

(On the game) "We had four interceptions and we dropped a touchdown pass early. All of those put together with our defense, we just couldn't stop them. Even though we prevented some touchdowns early, they were able to get touchdowns late."

(On why Braylon Edwards didn't start) "That was a coaches decision and that is where I'm leaving it."

(On LB Kamerion Wimbley's play) "Wimbley has been doing a consistent job all year. I was glad to see that he was able to make a play to try and help us."

(On QB Derek Anderson's injury) "It looked like a shoulder and is probably a shoulder separation."

LB Kamerion Wimbley

(On the team getting better) "I have to go and watch the tape and then I will know more. Every week we strive to go out and be better."

(On his frustration) "I wasn't here last year. A win would have made Christmas Eve better. I think most of the guys on the field are competitors. I don't think anyone gave up. We came out and tried to make plays. We need to go back and figure out what we didn't do and try to get it fixed."

(On players giving up) "I don't think anyone gave up. Everyone that I saw gave effort. Until I see the tape with the coaches, I can't comment on that."

TE Kellen Winslow (On the game) "We just didn't make plays. That's just about it."

(On the missed catch) "I had the ball go off my hands and couldn't see it. I tried to just one hand the catch. On the corner route, I just couldn't jump how I wanted to. I am trying my best to get the job done. We have just one game left for me to get my knee healthy."

(On the loss) "Anytime you lose, you learn from the situation. We just didn't make plays. You have to make the plays when the ball comes your way."

(On the injuries) "Every team has injuries and we have had a lot over the last few years. We had a hell of a schedule. We play tough teams every week. It's tough to win in this league. I am not worried about this team. I am very confident with this team's ability. We have the Houston Texans next and I feel good about going in there and doing the job."

TE Steve Heiden

(On a disappointing loss) "I'm more disappointed in myself. If I would have caught that ball in the first quarter, I believe it would have given us some momentum. It probably would have been a touchdown and that's what eats at me. You win as a team and you lose as a team."

QB Ken Dorsey

(On coming in the fourth quarter for an injured QB Derek Anderson) "I tried to move the offense as best as I could and tried to score. It's difficult, but it's the NFL and it's my job to be ready when I'm needed. I just have to find a way to get it done."

(On the possibility of starting next week) "It's my job to be ready. It's not the first time in my career I would have to start. My second year in the league I was in the same situation where I had to start some games. In my third year, I started as a third-string quarterback and ended up starting some games. It's not the first time so I'm going to prepare and get ready for next week. I feel like I owe it to this city and especially the guys on the team to go out there and play the best I can."

(On the Tampa Bay defense) "They have an exceptional defense, a good coordinator and exceptional players. You have to give them credit, but at the same time, we have to look at the film and see where we broke down. Anytime you lose, it hurts. We have to get it turned around."

QB Derek Anderson

(On the game) "We had a few drops, missed some throws and threw some picks. Overall, it was just a bad game."

(On if it seemed that the team was ready today) "A little bit. I thought we had a pretty good week, we felt pretty good going into the game. I though we could move the ball on them, but we just couldn't put it together."

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