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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

12-29-2002 - Post Game Quotes

Jon Gruden

(Opening comments) "I'm just proud of our team. To win a game in cold weather, a game we had to have that had serious (playoff) ramifications… We know we needed the bye week, we wanted it. It wasn't the most beautiful of things offensively, but we got some timely kicks from (Martin) Gramatica, our defense played great and I thought we rallied in the second half behind our quarterback."

(On the Bears' defense and the Bucs' offense) "We had some good times and some bad times. I'll tell you Chicago gave us everything they had; they blitzed with tremendous amounts of pressure tonight. Safety blitzes, double safety blitzes – they gave us an inordinate amount of pressure and I thought (QB Rob Johnson) was in a tough situation. We've got to do a better job of picking up some of those blitzes, honestly, but I thought he managed the game. We still have to get rid of some of the sacks, but I thought his execution and decision-making was better."

(On motivation provided by Green Bay's loss) "I can't be a liar here, it was very much a huge motivator. Any time you have the opportunity to get a bye week in the playoffs, that's like winning a playoff game. I think any of our players who didn't know that figured it out quickly that this was a big game tonight from that standpoint."

(On the bye week helping QB Brad Johnson) "It's important, no question, to give him an opportunity to play. He'll be under the careful watch of our training staff now to see if he does respond here in the next 10 days or so, and see if he can play in the playoffs. But if he can't, then we're going to have to go with Rob Johnson. There's a lot of people that are reporting a lot of things and not a lot of these reports are coming from our trainers. Those (reports) are false and inaccurate."

(On winning a game in the cold) "That's really something. It's a milestone tonight, really, winning 12 games. It's the first time we've been able to do that. It's the first time tonight, we made sure the thermometer was accurate and we accomplished something big tonight. Hopefully, we can put some of these streaks to an end and maybe start some new cold-weather victory streaks."

DT Warren Sapp

(On winning in the cold) "Well, then we're 1-22. It doesn't start sounding any better until you get a winning record or start dominating some of those or something. It is always brought up because it is something that has followed this ball club forever, but at least we got it off our resume."

(On ending the season on a high note) "Well, the table was set for us. All we had to do was sit down and eat. This is a greedy ball club once you put something right in front of us. We ate everything on the table and got us a bye, and now we can just rest up and heal and put ourselves in a good position to make this championship run."

*(On LB Derrick Brooks) "He's the best player we have. It's always been the thing that whenever we needed a big play, he's always rearing his ugly head in some kind of way. But somebody has to block the intended receiver so that he can break the record."

WR Keyshawn Johnson

(On motivation provided by Green Bay's loss) "I don't think it was motivation. We were coming to win this game regardless, because we wanted to go 12-4. Once that happened, we knew we were fighting for the bye."

(On winning in the cold) "It's over now. It's something that they keep bringin up. Next time they'll say, 'Wow! They're now 1-22 in the cold!'"

DE Simeon Rice

(On the shutout) "We won 15-blank and kept them off the board. That's the dominant fashion that shows the direction this team's going in."

(On playing in the cold) "It's never easy, but it's always easy to adjust because I live in Chicago in the offseason, so it's not much of a jump in terms of the weather."

QB Rob Johnson

(On the importance of the win) "It's huge. We probably would've had to go to Philly and Green Bay to go to the Super Bowl. The bye week is unbelievable. We were playing for everything and they weren't playing for anything, so they were loose and doing a lot of crazy stuff out there. It's one of those games where you know they weren't going to score a lot so you just don't want to turn the ball over and make the big mistake."

*(on the Bears' defense) "They were blitzing a lot more than in past weeks. Last week, they played cover two predominantly and that's about as vanilla as you can get. Against the Jets, same thing. They were playing a lot better the last couple of weeks. They beat the Jets, who were hot. They decided to change it up on us."


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