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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

3 Takeaways from Jason Licht's Presser

A few notes from Licht's press conference at the NFL Scouting Combine - presented by Florida Hospital.


  1. The Bucs want Jacquizz Rodgers back.**
    When Doug Martin went down with a hamstring in the early part of the 2016 season, the Bucs signed Rodgers, who was without a team at the time. Rodgers went on to lead the team in rushing, and the Buccaneers hope that they can bring him back for at least one more year. "We really like Jacquizz," Jason Licht said. "Because of a rule with the CBA he was a MSB, a minimum salary benefit player, we can't sign him until free agency starts. In an ideal situation, we'd love to have Jacquizz back."


  1. Interview questions at the Combine are catered towards the individual prospect.**
    The Buccaneers will have the opportunity to conduct 15-minute interviews with 60 prospects at the combine, but it's unlikely that all 60 interviews will be the same. Licht was asked if he and the Bucs' personnel staff have one go-to question they like to ask prospects, but Licht said that each question is based off of careful research done into each specific player.  "We tailor the questions to the individual," Licht said. "Our scouts spend a lot of time and do an amazing job gathering information on every player – every detail you could imagine going back to elementary school. We read through all of that all year and then we tailor the questions to the individual."

3. Spread offenses aren't ideal in the development of offensive linemen, but they aren't stunting their growth, either.
In the coming weeks, the topic of prospects playing in a "pro-style offense" will be talked about often. Evaluating prospects who play in a spread offense can be difficult, but Licht doesn't believe that the different scheme makes a prospect any less prepared for the NFL. "That theory has been going around for a while now," Licht said. "It makes it a little more challenging to look for an offensive lineman or see him in positions that we ask for in our offense, but it still boils down to: you want an athletic guy, you want a guy that has strength and power, is smart, has good movement. If you can see those things, and you can in bits and pieces, you just don't see it as quickly and identify it as quickly as you did in the past, but you can still see it. It just makes it more challenging."

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