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5 Takeaways From Winston's Presser

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston spoke to reporters at the NFL Scouting Combine on Friday.

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1. It would be a privilege for him to play in Tampa with the Buccaneers.
Winston said that it was important to him to be the No. 1 pick in this year's draft and that he would love the opportunity to play in Tampa. "It would be a privilege to get accepted by the Glazer family in Tampa," he said. "I think it would be a privilege to play in Tampa – period."

2. He doesn't know how good he is.
Winston has been a two-sport athlete for most of his life and is relishing the opportunity to be just a football player. "The thing is - I don't really know how good I really am yet," he said. "This is the first offseason that I've had since I was four years old. I never, ever have been in February talking to the media, especially playing quarterback all year round. I'm happy. I'm happy to just be a quarterback right now."


  1. He isn't competing with Marcus Mariota.**
    The consensus among draft experts is that either Winston or Mariota will be the No. 1 pick in this year's draft. The two had been training together in California leading up to the combine and Winston said that there is no competition between the two. "I'm not interested in any competition type of thing," Winston said. "I'm out here to win games and be the face of someone's franchise. This isn't a competition between me and Mariota. The one thing about me – I plan on winning the Super Bowl next year so it's going to be Jameis versus Peyton Manning and Jameis versus Tom Brady. I want to be viewed like that. After all of this combine stuff, you're not going to hear anymore about Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota."

4. He has a shoulder injury but it's nothing to worry about.
Winston had what reporters called "weakness by a nerve" in his throwing shoulder. His original press conference was scheduled for Thursday, but extended time with the medical staff at the combine forced him to push his availability to Friday. Winston had an MRI on the shoulder on Thursday but said that the injury was common among baseball players and would not require treatment.


  1. He has a great relationship with Buccaneer great, Derrick Brooks.**
    Hall of Fame linebacker Derrick Brooks has been one of Winston's biggest supporters. He reportedly offered to mentor Winston if the Bucs drafted him, but according to Winston he already has started. "With him being an ex-Seminole player, we have a great relationship," Winston said. "He's been a quiet mentor to me, especially when he comes out to the games. He loves the way that I handle my teammates. He also loves the young man that I am so he makes sure that I keep being myself and don't let the distractions or anything change the person that I really am."

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston meets with the media on Friday at the NFL Scouting Combine

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