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5 Takeaways From Winstons First Presser

Jameis Winston met with the media for the first time at One Buc place on Friday.


READ: WINSTON SIGNS CONTRACT1. He can't wait to get into the playbook.
During his time at Florida State, Winston was known for watching more film than any other player on the team, even while playing baseball in the spring. On Friday, he said how excited he was to finally begin working at mastering a new offense. "I believe that preparation is everything," Winston said. "I plan to prepare and I plan to prepare harder than everyone else. I can't wait to get the chance. If you can get the playbook for me please get it for me. I cannot wait.

2. He's thrilled to be able to work with Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson.
In talking with the media after being drafted on Thursday night, Winston beamed with excitement knowing that he will be playing with Tampa's two big receivers. He echoed that sentiment during his press conference on Friday. "That's another thing that I'm blessed to be a Buc with," Winston said. "I had Kelvin Benjamin at Florida State but now I've got two of them. I've got two. I've got two 6-5 receivers, it's a blessing. I look forward to working with those guys. Having a chance to talk with Vincent, he's a great man and I look forward to throwing him the ball one day."


  1. Florida State and head coach Jimbo Fisher have him prepared for the NFL.**
    Much was made over the offense Winston played in during his time in college, because it was very similar to what NFL offenses run and analysts believed it could ease his transition to the NFL. Winston said that Florida State, and Jimbo Fisher, helped prepare him for the next level. "At Florida State, our offense is built for quarterbacks as far as protections and the way that we do things," Winston said. "(Fisher) is just is just a great coach. He helped me become the man that I am today and an even better leader."


  1. He knows playing time must be earned.**
    Winston knows that, despite being selected with the top pick, playing time must be earned. And he's looking forward to earning it. "Earning the job and working and sacrificing your life to be a quarterback for a great franchise like this is my dream," Winston said. "Ever since I've been playing I always wanted to work hard for what I get and I plan on doing that.

5. He knows there are several areas he needs to improve in.
Winston was asked if decision-making was the area which he most needed to improve in. He said no, and that he instead was focusing on becoming a well-rounded player and working on improving in several different areas. "Decision-making is just one thing I have to work on," he said. "I feel like as a young man growing up must to better myself at every single thing. Just one thing I can't focus on. I have to focus on bettering myself in each and every day."

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