Tampa Bay Buccaneers

5 Things to Know About 6th-Round Picks

A few interesting facts about Devante Bond and Dan Vitale.


A look at the newest member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

  1. Devante Bond can rush the passer.**
    Bond lined up at linebacker at Oklahoma, but served exclusively as a pass-rusher while playing at Sierra College before joining the Sooners. He will play linebacker in the NFL and has proven that the skills developed as a pass-rusher translate to being a successful blitzing outside linebacker.

2. Dan Vitale is so versatile he has his own position.
During his time at Northwestern, Vitale didn't necessarily play halfback or fullback. His position is referred to as "superback" because he played so many different roles. He thrived catching passes out of the backfield, surpassing the 1,000-yard mark in three seasons, and also had success and as a lead blocker.


A look at the newest member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

  1. Devante Bond is a big body.**
    Bond is 6-foot-1 and 235 to 240 pounds, which makes him almost big enough to be a defensive end. Comparatively, Noah Spence, the Bucs' second-round pick, is only one inch taller and 15 to 20 pounds heavier. Bond is athletic, too; he ran a 4.7 40-yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine.

4. Dan Vitale crushed the Combine.
FootballPerspective listed Vitale as their "Combine Champion" after his performance in Indianapolis this year. He ran a 4.6-second 40-yard dash and benched 225 pounds 30 times, which were the most of any running back working out.

5. Devante Bond got a late start playing football.
Bond didn't become a full-time football player until his senior year of high school in California. Despite the late start, he was being recruited by several top-tier programs, including Miami, Ole Miss, West Virginia and Nebraska. Bond originally committed to Miami but flipped to Oklahoma after spending time playing with Sierra, which is a junior college.

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