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5 Things to Know About David Njoku

A few interesting facts about the Miami tight end.


Some of the top shots of Miami's David Njoku.

  1. He's one of the youngest players in this year's draft class.**
    When evaluating Njoku, it's important to consider his age. He is just 20 years old, making him one of the youngest players in this year's draft class. Just one player has ever been selected before turning 20. Some notable players have entered the draft at 20 years old, with Terrell Suggs and DeAngelo Hall among them.

2. He's being mentored by a Miami alumni and former first-round pick.
The University of Miami has produced a handful of first-round tight ends, and one of them has been working with Njoku to help him sharpen his skills before moving on to the NFL. Njoku has been working out with Jeremy Shockey, a first-round pick in 2002 out of Miami and four-time Pro Bowler. Shockey played 10 seasons in the NFL.


  1. He was a standout in another sport.**
    While Njoku has been successful in football, he was dominant on the track while in high school. Njoku competed in the high jump and won the national championship in the spring of 2014. He was also a state champion in New Jersey that same year. His best jump was measured at six feet and 11 inches.

4. He's being compared to one of the NFL's best.
Buccaneer fans are all-too-familiar with Carolina's Greg Olsen, and that's who's Lance Zierlein believes Njoku closely resembles. Interestingly, Olsen also attended the University of Miami and was a first-round draft pick.

5. He is dangerous in the red zone.
Njoku started just nine games during his two-year college career, so his stats won't blow anybody away. Where he was dominant, thought, was catching passes in the red zone. Njoku caught 43 passes in 2016 but eight of those went for touchdowns. He finished the 2016 season with 698 yards and averaging 16.2 yards per reception.

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