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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

5 Things to Know About Michael Reynolds

Get to know the newly-signed linebacker out of Kansas.

A gallery of some of the college free agents the Buccaneers signed after the conclusion of the 2015 NFL Draft.


1. He can get after the quarterback.
In 2014, Reynolds (6-1, 240) led Kansas in sacks with seven. He also recorded a team-high 14.5 tackles for losses and finished sixth on the team (45) in tackles.

2. Was among the nation's best in forcing fumbles.
Reynolds forced four fumbles in 2014, the fourth-most of any player in the country and most of any player in the Big 12. He forced fumbles in each of the final three regular season games, jarring the ball out of the opposing quarterback's hands.

3. He's gotten better every year.
Reynolds has seen his total number of tackles increase in each of his four seasons at Kansas. He recorded seven tackles as a freshman, eight as a sophomore, 37 as a junior and 45 as a senior.

4. He was a standout baseball player.
As a senior in high school, Reynolds was an Under Armour All-American pitcher. He was also an all-state selection in Kansas.

5. He's played a number of different positions.
In high school, Reynolds played defensive end, linebacker, tight end, running back and returned kickoffs.

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