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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

A Ticket to Excitement

This year, being a Bucs season ticketholder means being on the receiving end of a nice little present in the mail: The newly-consolidated and beautifully-rendered ticket book, on its way now


Coming soon to a mailbox near you: A little taste of the excitement of Buccaneer football.

This week and next, Tampa Bay Buccaneers season ticketholders are receiving their prized ducats for 2006, one of the most anticipated seasons in franchise history. That's exciting enough in itself – the arrival of tickets always signals the imminent arrival of the game itself – but this year's package should be a particularly enthralling piece of mail.

This isn't merely a handful of tickets. This is a book, a convenient consolidation of all the information a fan needs to attend a Buccaneers game. It's bound, handsomely published and full of both facts and exciting player images. It is simply the most complete and attractive season ticket package in the NFL.

"We focused on improving the game day experience for our fans, in this case putting the tickets and all the necessary information together in a very accessible and attractive way," said Jason Layton, the Buccaneers' Director of Ticketing and Business Administration. "The results are fantastic, and we think the fans are going to love it. The season is just around the corner, and our season ticketholders are going to feel the excitement when they pull this package out of the mail."

The cover of the ticket book features a collection of action shots grouped around a large foil-stamped logo. Inside the cover is a colorful and detailed stadium diagram and a long list of helpful contact information for the Buccaneers and the stadium.

The following six pages of the ticket package spell out a variety of game day policies, procedures and helpful facts, well organized and displayed in large, easy-to-read type. Where are the ATMs for Stadium Club members? (In Quads B and D.) When does the stadium ticket office open on game day? (Three hours before kickoff.) May I transfer my season ticket account to a family member? (Yes.)

It's all in there, right down to the type of grass used on the Raymond James Stadium field (Tifway 419 Bermuda). If you know where your tickets are, you'll be able to find any game-attendance information you need.

The tickets themselves, which follow the facts pages, are suitable for framing. Each one features a star Buccaneer player, beginning with Pro Bowl fullback Mike Alstott for the preseason opener against the New York Jets on August 11. The other nine? We won't spoil the surprise too much. A foil-stamped NFL logo enhances the ticket's overall appearance, and games that feature annual programs, such as the Toys for Tots drive, are marked accordingly above the perforation.

Fans who purchased parking passes will also find those welcome tags in their ticket books, conveniently stored right beside their tickets. Finishing the book is a helpful page of driving and parking information, including two detailed maps. More player images on the back cover surround a large rundown of the Bucs' 2006 schedule.

More than just tools for admission, tickets are considered keepsake items by many fans. This year's Tampa Bay Buccaneers ticket book is that and more, a beautiful and functional guide to the exciting season ahead. If you're a Buccaneer season ticketholder, check your mailbox. You're in for a treat.

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