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Alexander NFC's Defensive Player of the Week

The rookie LB has been named the NFC's top defensive player in Week 8.

After an inspiring performance against the Falcons in Week 8, linebacker Kwon Alexander was named the NFC's Defensive Player of the Week.

Alexander recorded a team-high 11 tackles, the most of his career in a single game. He added an interception, forced fumble and fumble recovery to his stat line as the Bucs downed Atlanta, 23-20. As Randall Lui, the NFC's Director of Communications, noted, Alexander is the first linebacker to record an interception, force a fumble and recover a fumble in a game since 2006.

Photos of rookie LB Kwon Alexander's performance against the Falcons.

Alexander's performance came just days after his 17-year-old brother had passed away.

"We all know what he was going through and that takes an awful lot to be able to stay focused like that throughout the game," Head Coach Lovie Smith said. "At this time you were helping another part of your family do something that was important to them. It was a great game, one that he'll never forget."

The linebacker could win one more award by the end of the week. He was nominated for the NFL's Rookie of the Week award, with the winner being announced on Friday. Alexander has won the Rookie of the Week award already this year, earning the honor in Week 3.

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