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Come to Buccaneers Draft Central on Saturday and Sunday for exclusive live interviews with our War Room warriors


Director of College Scouting Tim Ruskell (left) and General Manager Rich McKay will appear live in our Draft Central section this weekend to explain the Buccaneers' draft picks

It's Saturday afternoon and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, your team, have just drafted Northeast Central State's John Doe to play linebacker. You are wondering why.

You won't be wondering for long.

Immediately after helping the Buccaneers determine each draft pick this weekend, Director of College Scouting Tim Ruskell will walk out of the locker room and into's Draft Central. Through a series of live video interviews, Ruskell will explain the reasoning behind each pick the Buccaneers make on Saturday and Sunday.

As the director of all of the team's scouting efforts on the collegiate level, Ruskell is intensely familiar with this year's draft crop, as he is each spring. He will explain to Buccaneer fans, in scouting terms, what the team saw in each player it plucked off the draft board.

And, as if that wasn't enough, Ruskell will be followed into Draft Central by one of the team's area scouts, the men who have performed the actual, in-person scouting of each draft candidate. They, too, will offer their opinions, live on, of the newest Buccaneers.

That's not all.

On Saturday, just 30 minutes before the NFL draft begins and the Buccaneers' War Room begins to buzz, General Manager Rich McKay will conduct an exclusive, live video interview on to share his final thoughts. On Sunday, after all of the team's picks have been made, we'll speak to Ruskell again for his own evaluation of how the Bucs fared.

In addition, every press conference held in the Bucs' locker room, where the local news media will be assembled, will be carried live on

If you miss any of the live broadcasts described above, check back shortly thereafter to view the taped version. will be your only source for such extensive and timely coverage of the team's efforts in the 2001 NFL Draft. Join us this weekend in Draft Central, and hear it directly from the source.

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