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AP Pro32 ballot from Judge

0AP Pro32-Judge Ballot

NEW YORK (AP) - Ballot and comments from AP Pro 32 panel voter Clark Judge of CBSSports.com:


  1. New York Giants - Last time I checked, they hadn't lost a game since Super Bowl.
  1. Green Bay Packers - Learned hard way last year that defense still matters.
  1. New England Patriots - Better, deeper than team that went to Super Bowl last year.
  1. San Francisco 49ers - Defense returns intact; makes 49ers automatic Super Bowl contender.
  1. Houston Texans - Will win division easily; healthy Matt Schaub makes Texans Super Bowl worthy.
  1. Philadelphia Eagles - Eagles are loaded. Now the question: What happens if/when Michael Vick is hurt?
  1. Chicago Bears - Bears are covered at positions that cost them playoff shot in 2011.
  1. Pittsburgh Steelers - Much depends on Haley/Roethlisberger relationship, but history tells us when Steelers miss out on division title almost always bounce back.
  1. Atlanta Falcons - Bountygate gives Falcons an opening. Now, can Matt Ryan win a playoff game?
  1. Baltimore Ravens - Not sure why, but have a feeling Ravens might be sliding backward.
  1. Denver Broncos - So Peyton Manning clears first hurdle. Now comes Pittsburgh in Game One. Uh-oh.
  1. New Orleans Saints - Saints still have ton of talent, plus Drew Brees. No Sean Payton will keep them down.
  1. Cincinnati Bengals - Look at Bengals' early schedule. I'd be shocked if they're not 5-1 after 6 weeks.
  1. San Diego Chargers - Defense should improve, but Jared Gaither issues make me nervous about these guys.
  1. Detroit Lions - William Ford's comments aside, think Lions are third-best team in NFC North.
  1. Dallas Cowboys - Forget the Giants. It's time Dallas ``beats somebody's else's (butt),'' as Jerry Jones would put it.
  1. Kansas City Chiefs - Chiefs trendy pick, but not sold on Romeo Crennel as coach ... yet.
  1. Buffalo Bills - Bills made all right offseason moves, but still play second to Pats in division.
  1. Tennessee Titans - Jake Locker plus revitalized Chris Johnson could make these guys dangerous.
  1. Seattle Seahawks - I'm nervous about anyone who starts a 5-11 rookie at quarterback.
  1. New York Jets - Forget Tebow-Sanchez, could be defense-offense war if Jets can't find end zone.
  1. Carolina Panthers - Yeah, Cam Newton is sensational. But can he win? Guess we're about to find out.
  1. Oakland Raiders - Raiders have right idea, but will take at least a year for these guys to break through.
  1. Washington Redskins - Yes, `Skins have RG3, but they also have fourth-best team in NFC East.
  1. Arizona Cardinals - Everything just right, except for QB and OL ... which means everything is not OK.
  1. Miami Dolphins - Not enough playmakers on offense plus rookie quarterback equals another long season.
  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - I'll be honest: I don't know which Josh Freeman shows up.
  1. St. Louis Rams - Jeff Fisher makes Rams better, but this is no overnight fix.
  1. Jacksonville Jaguars - MJD holdout the first in series of headaches for team in search of an identity.
  1. Indianapolis Colts - Colts will put points on board. Unfortunately, opponents may put up more.
  1. Minnesota Vikings - I don't know how these guys survive in NFC North.
  1. Cleveland Browns - Lots of changes coming here, but most are a year away. In the meantime ... ugh.

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